The puppy will remain the property of Pride and Prejudoodles until the completion of its training. Ownership will transfer when the puppy is delivered to the buyer and the purchase/health guarantee is signed by both parties and full payment is made.

The training program is scheduled to take three months to complete. At the end of those three months, the trainer will display the skill of the dog at a location previously designated by Pride and Prejudoodles. 

A video of the test will be provided to the buyer and the buyer will be given the opportunity to agree that the puppy has met the training qualifications (as stated on our website) or to disagree.


If all parties agree that the puppy has passed, then arrangements shall be made to deliver the puppy to the buyer. If the puppy is deemed NOT to pass, he/she shall be returned to the trainer for a period of time deemed sufficient to complete the training. After such time, the test shall be administered in the same way as previously.


After the second test, if the puppy still does not pass, the buyer shall have the right to a refund of deposit, transfer to an upcoming available puppy, or to have the training continued one more time.


If, however, the buyer is the only dissenting party for the latest of any two tests, the video of the tests will be reviewed by a third party (someone in the dog training profession) of Pride and Prejudoodle’s choosing (who is not currently employed by Pride and Prejudoodles). If this third party deems the puppy to have passed the test, despite the buyer's sole objection, then the buyer’s only options shall be to accept the puppy as is, or to forfeit the buyer’s deposit.

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