Fully Trained Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Cockapoos in California

Pride & Prejudoodles delivers fully trained and hypoallergenic puppies to customers throughout California. Learn more about how we train our dogs and find one that’s perfect for you and your family.

Goldendoodle Overview

Goldendoodles are a cross between full-bred golden retrievers and poodles, making them a popular crossbreed. Both of the breeds contributing to this hybrid are favored because of how intelligent, gentle and obedient they are. Goldendoodles are larger dogs that can weigh between 55 and 90 pounds once they reach adulthood.  

Allergies are a primary reason most people pass on owning a golden retriever. Because goldendoodles don’t shed nearly as much as a golden retriever, they make a wonderful alternative for those who appreciate goldens but couldn’t own one due to the pet dander and hair that’s constantly present. Your goldendoodle won’t shed much, but they still require regular grooming to prevent matting. They’ll arrive already trained to allow you to bathe and groom them and trim their nails.  

Goldendoodles are meant to live in houses with access to a yard rather than in apartments, so if you live in an apartment, a goldendoodle may not be right for your family. They may suffer from separation anxiety, so provide them with plenty of attention and socialization.  

Labradoodle Overview

The high energy, intelligence and kind nature of Labradoodles is why they’re often selected for service work. They are crosses between full-bred Labrador retrievers and poodles, so they combine the benefits of the Labrador retriever breed with the hypoallergenic coat of a poodle. They’re very good with families who have children.  

Labradoodles enjoy playtime, whether it’s with humans or other animals. They’re very curious, so they’ll approach new encounters with awe and excitement as they get familiar with other people and pets. Because of their high drive, you need to provide them with a lot of exercise to run their energy out. Having a large yard or taking them on frequent trips to the dog park is recommended.  

The Labradoodle breed comes in many colors, and you can choose a puppy that will grow to the adult size you’re looking for. The smallest Labradoodles grow to only 22 pounds and are ideal for apartment living, while the largest ones can reach 90 pounds. It’s definitely possible to find one that fits perfectly into your environment and lifestyle. 

Cockapoo Overview

Cockapoos are the smallest poodle hybrid breed, weighing in at as little as 6 pounds. Larger cockapoos can grow to 65 pounds, and the breed comes in a nice variety of colors and hair textures. These dogs are the cross between full-bred poodles and Cocker Spaniels.  

A Cockapoo makes a wonderful addition to the family due to its intelligence, playful nature and loyalty. They lack aggressiveness and have a noble, laid-back temperament. They’re wonderful companions for children and adults alike because they want to be friends with every creature they meet.  

While Cockapoos come with an assortment of hair textures, you can be assured they’re hypoallergenic. This is because they shed far less than other dogs do. You still need to groom them regularly, but your Cockapoo will arrive already trained to enjoy a bath or grooming session without putting up a huge fuss.





Doodle Puppies for Sale in Los Angeles, California

Training a puppy requires a considerable time commitment and many people would like to own a dog while lacking the time availability to provide house and obedience training. Lack of proper training and socialization is one of the reasons many dogs don’t settle in with a new family and wind up being given up for adoption. Our trained puppies are housebroken, socialized and given basic obedience training so that all you need to do is pick up where we left off and reinforce their training.  

We also give you a head start on addressing problem behaviors. Our trained puppies know not to chew on furniture or nip your hand. This makes them safer for children, who often don’t know how to interact with an untrained dog. 


While you might not be allergic to dogs, your spouse or children may be. Hypoallergenic breeds don’t shed as frequently, which greatly reduces the amount of pet dander you and your family are exposed to. This means that you can now own a dog without the complications that come from having family members that have pet allergies. It also protects you and your family in the event that one of you develops an allergy to dogs later on in life because a hypoallergenic dog won’t irritate an onset of new allergies.  

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The trainers at Pride & Prejudoodles use positive reinforcement training techniques to prepare your puppies for a new life with your family. Our puppies are socialized, are taught not to chew on objects they shouldn’t and are housebroken so they won’t have accidents throughout your home. They receive leash training so they won’t drag you down the street when you go for a walk, and they’ll play well with others’ pets and children.


Training includes the essentials that your puppy needs to thrive in a new home. This includes basic obedience commands, walking on a leash, housebreaking and deterrence to trouble chewing. We use positive reinforcement techniques to train all our puppies.

Your puppy will work with an individual trainer who gives you monthly updates so that you know how the training is going. With each update, you’ll receive tips, details about milestones your puppy has met and a video of your puppy. 

Pride & Prejudoodles believes that training our dogs before delivering them increases their quality of life and happiness. Most people live busy lives and don’t have enough time to train a puppy during the early stages of its life, so we help you make it over this hurdle by preparing your puppy for you. 

Our trainers will review your puppy’s training progress and routine with you so that you can continue the training at home with regular reinforcement. You receive all the resources and guidance you need to tackle any problems that arise as your puppy adjusts to life at home.  

The right breed depends on factors such as your local climate, your family’s health concerns, whether you live in a house or apartment and your lifestyle. Because our dogs are all hypoallergenic and come in many sizes, you can find a dog that suits you perfectly. 



The staff here at Pride & Prejudoodles is passionate about dogs, and we know the impact they have on the families they bond with. We’re aware that our clients need to know how their puppies’ training is progressing and who is responsible for their care. All of us are here to answer your questions and give you the guidance and advice needed to develop the best relationship with your new puppy.  

Joshua and Kelly are the company’s founders and leaders. Their intense love of dogs is why they founded the company, and they hope that everyone is able to experience the wonderful bond with a dog they have with their own fur buddies. Their mission is to help people overcome hurdles such as allergies and time constraints that are in the way of experiencing the joy of pet ownership. 

Eric is our lead customer service representative and will help you through the purchase and delivery of your new puppy. Customer satisfaction is important to him, so he will do whatever is needed to make the adoption process simple.

As our administrative assistant, Hannah is who will communicate with you most frequently about your puppy’s progress. She handles scheduling and sending out routine status updates.

Alyssa and Tressie lead our training staff. They work with our trainers to ensure that each puppy is progressing as expected within our program. This includes regular check-ins with each trainer and providing additional support where needed.

Goldendoodles for Sale in California


Pride & Prejudoodles is proud to sponsor three charities, and we’ve contributed over $300,000 to date. We ask that you help us continue to help poor mothers and children across the world by contributing to The Morning Center, Compassion International and Peru Medical Missions when you purchase a puppy from us.  

We will match any donation up to $500. Our partnerships with these charities can assure you that your generosity will make a difference for children and mothers both here and abroad. 


Medium and standard size puppies cost $3,900, and miniature puppies cost $4,400. We accept deposits to secure puppies and offer payment plans to help you pay for your puppy and training. We have two training programs to choose from. 

Labradoodles for Sale in California

Your puppy will live in one of our trainer’s homes for three months during its training. This ensures your trainer has access to your puppy day and night and can focus on housebreaking, correcting problem behaviors and providing basic obedience training. The commands your puppy will know include come, sit, down, stay and heel. You will receive monthly updates and a video to display your puppy’s accomplishments.

Our Three-Month Training program is $12,900 plus the cost of your puppy.

Cockapoos for Sale in California

Giving your puppy an extra two months with one of our trainers lets us reinforce positive behaviors and provide socialization with other people and dogs. We will provide updates and guidance tailored to your puppy’s needs and prepare you to continue training your dog once it arrives home.

Our Five-Month Training program is $17,000 plus the cost of your puppy.

Pride and Prejudoodles have beautiful puppies that are ready for adoption in the following cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno and across the entire state of California.


Contact us today to reserve your puppy or learn more about our training process. We have plenty of puppies available to choose from. Once you select your puppy, we can get to work on your new fur buddy’s training so that, in a few months, you can welcome home a fully trained companion.

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