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Goldendoodle Overview

Are you on the hunt for a friendly, affectionate dog that’s eager to please and gets along with everyone? If so, a goldendoodle may be just what you’re looking for. Originally bred in the 1960s to serve as guide dogs, they quickly became popular thanks to their sweet temperaments, high intelligence levels and adorable golden coats.  

The goldendoodle gets its name from its two purebred parents: the golden retriever and the poodle. Inheriting the friendly personalities and golden fur of their golden retriever parent, as well as the low-shedding, hypoallergenic coats of their poodle parent, they truly enjoy the best of both worlds. Like their parents, they should be groomed regularly (at least every 6-8 weeks). Proper trimming helps keep that gorgeous golden fur in tip-top shape. 

As medium-large dogs with moderate energy levels, goldendoodles do well in active households. They thrive with at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and enjoy going on walks, running in the yard and playing fetch with their loved ones. As with any pet, you should schedule regular vet visits to avoid health problems like hip dysplasia. In exchange for taking care of them, your goldendoodle will shower you with endless love and affection. 

Labradoodle Overview

When people say dogs are man’s best friend, there’s a good chance they’re talking about labradoodles. Known for their loyalty, enthusiasm and kindness, these companion dogs will do anything for their favorite humans. While they were initially bred in the 1980s to be guide dogs, today they’re mostly known for being great family pets. 

Labradoodles offer a unique blend of their parents’ best traits. Their sweet temperaments and energetic personalities come from their Labrador retriever parent, while their intelligence and hypoallergenic coats are the result of their poodle parentage. While most labradoodles are medium-large in size, smaller ones can be bred using mini-poodles instead. 

Like most dogs, labradoodles need to be groomed at least once a month. They’re also vulnerable to health issues found in their parents (such as hip and elbow dysplasia), which means they should have regular vet checkups. As energetic dogs, labradoodles enjoy getting at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. You can satisfy this need by taking them on a walk, visiting the park or just playing in the yard together. As long as they’re spending time with their loved ones, your labradoodle will be happy! 

Cockapoo Overview

Cockapoos are living proof that sometimes, mistakes can be a good thing. These compassionate canines were bred in the 1960s by accident. However, thanks to their sociable personalities, curious natures and fluffy, furry appearances, they quickly became popular pets. Nowadays, you can find cockapoos in homes across the country. 

These dogs are the result of cross-breeding between cocker spaniels and poodles. The cocker spaniel parent passes down its playfulness and enthusiasm, while the poodle parent lends its low-shedding coat and intelligence. While many cockapoos share the same excitable personalities and zest for life, each one has its own unique look. You can find these medium-small dogs sporting anything from traditional light-brown coats to multicolored spotted fur. 

To stay healthy, cockapoos should also be checked regularly for ear, eye, hip and knee problems. It’s also important to meet their energy needs. Most cockapoos benefit from at least 15 minutes of exercise daily, as well as some mental stimulation. While they like to stay engaged by running around or playing with chew toys, they’re more than happy to spend time cuddling with their owners. It won’t be long before your cute cockapoo becomes your new best friend.  




Puppies With Training 

Doodle Puppies for Sale in Georgia
Featured Training 

Let’s be honest — training a dog is hard. Like all animals, dogs have their own natural instincts. Unless you have experience working with them, it can be difficult to persuade a puppy to listen to you over those instincts. Not to mention, most of us have family or work commitments that consume our free time. 

At Pride & Prejudoodles, we want new owners to get the most out of their relationship with their dog — that’s why we enroll puppies in our training program. For at least three months, they’ll learn under the guidance of a certified dog trainer. Once the program concludes, you can expect a happy, healthy and well-behaved new puppy.

Hypoallergenic Coats

Imagine welcoming a new dog into your home only to experience coughing, sneezing and allergic reactions. When dogs shed, they release dander that can trigger allergies. This can spread across your floor and furniture, turning your home into an allergic zone. 

If you have allergies, you can still enjoy the company of canines — as long as you work with a reputable, hypoallergenic breeder that can guarantee a low-shedding dog. At Pride & Prejudoodles, every puppy goes through coat testing to ensure they meet our high health and coat standards. 

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Professional Trainers

When it comes to dog training, the earlier you start, the better. Our dog trainers have years of experience in working with puppies and can encourage dogs to be on their best behavior. We offer three-month and five-month training programs, both of which cover the following topics: 

  • Housebreaking
  • Socialization
  • Leash walking
  • Obedience commands 
  • Behavior modification 

Throughout the process, our trainers will learn more about your dog’s unique habits, interests and behaviors. Once your puppy is ready to go home, we’ll give you personalized training tips designed especially for their precious personality. 


We encourage everyone to come and pay their dream dog a visit. We offer a monthly Open Visitation Day, during which anyone can come in between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

Our health guarantee ensures your puppy has been taken care of and evaluated by a veterinarian. We also promise to replace puppies that develop a fatal congenital defect within 12 months. You can learn more about our health guarantee here. 

All our puppies undergo either three months or five months of training. Puppies that have trained longer are generally better behaved and know more advanced commands. You can view our available puppies and choose your desired training level.


Meet the Georgia Team: The People Behind Pride & Prejudoodles

Everything we offer — from our health-tested and non-shedding guarantee to our extensive training program — is made possible by the hard work and commitment of our team. Each individual plays a unique role in making sure our dogs are ready for their new homes. Read on to learn more about the people behind Pride & Prejudoodles. 

Joshua & Kelsey

When they first met, Joshua and Kelsey formed an instant connection over dogs. They decided to take that passion — and their knowledge of breeding — and start their own business, Pride & Prejudoodles. As busy parents, Joshua and Kelsey know how difficult it can be to find free time, which is why they also created a training program. With a name inspired by Jane Austen and a dedication inspired by their love for dogs, they’ve helped successfully deliver happy, healthy puppies across the state of Georgia. 


Adopting a dog involves more than just picking out a puppy and welcoming it into your home. Before your furry friend can become a full-fledged member of your family, you’ll have to get through some tedious paperwork. That’s where Eric comes in. As the head of our customer service team, Eric’s purpose is to guide customers through the adoption process. If you’ve got any questions or concerns, you can trust Eric to take care of them.


One element that makes Pride & Prejudoodles unique is our promise to hand-deliver your puppy to your door. You can thank Hannah for this special service. As the team’s administrative assistant, her role is to take care of filing documents, scheduling deliveries and updating families on their dogs. With Hannah’s dedication, we deliver every puppy to their new Georgia home in a timely manner. 

Alyssa & Tressie

The average person doesn’t have the time or expertise to properly train a new puppy. Fortunately, Alyssa and Tressie — our head trainers — can handle that for you. From basic obedience commands and housebreaking to behavior modification and socialization, they know the ins and outs of dog training and will do everything possible to encourage the best behavior from your puppy. 

Goldendoodle size comparison

Charitable Efforts

One of the core values of Pride & Prejudoodles is a commitment to helping others. By donating a percentage of our income every year, we hope to strengthen communities and make the world a better place. Charities we work with include:  

  • The Morning Center: This organization offers free, full-service maternity care to women in urban and underserved locations. 
  • Compassion International: This charity supports underprivileged children by increasing access to health care, education and life skills training. 
  • Peru Medical Missions: The goal of this organization is to help impoverished Peruvians find free or affordable medical care. 

So far, we’ve raised over $300,000 to help those in need.

Pricing Benefits & Features

Before you pick your dream puppy, it’s important to consider the costs. Prices vary depending on the size of your dog, as well as your desired training program. Here’s a closer look at our puppy prices, training prices and available financing plans.

Labradoodles for Sale in Georgia
Puppy Pricing

Before you get your puppy, we ask new owners to submit a $4,000 deposit. This helps us cover the costs of health testing, training and spaying/neutering. It also goes towards ensuring that your dog meets our high health and coat standards. Deposits are always counted as part of the final, total cost.

The puppy prices are as follows: 

  • Medium/standard dogs: $3,900
  • Mini dogs: $4,400

If you’re worried about financing, consider trying our PayPal payment plan. By using a PayPal credit card, you don’t have to pay interest on purchases over $99 (as long as they’re paid off within 6 months). Discover more about this plan here. 

Cockapoos for Sale in Georgia
Training Pricing

What’s better than a new puppy? How about a puppy that’s obedient, housebroken and well-behaved? At Pride & Prejudoodles, we offer two training options:

  • Three-Month Training: $12,900
  • Five-Month Training: $17,900 

Puppies enrolled in our training programs spend quality time with a certified trainer who’ll teach them new commands, introduce them to unique environments and modify any bad habits. Once training concludes, our team can give you personalized tips designed specifically for your puppy. By investing in intensive puppy training, you’re investing in your dog’s future. 

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