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Puppies With Training

Doodle Puppies for Sale in Massachusetts
Our Training Program

At Pride & Prejudoodles, we look for the cream of the crop before putting it in our sale listings. After hand-selecting puppies that meet our high health, coat and temperament standards, we enroll them in our training program. Under the guidance of a certified trainer, they’ll spend three months learning:

  • Basic obedience commands
  • Leash walking
  • Socialization
  • Potty training

Our goal is to bring out the best in your puppy, letting you skip over those difficult dog stages and go straight to the good stuff. While professional training benefits any new owner, it’s perfect for people who have work or familial commitments that make home training difficult.

Benefits of Hypoallergenic Dogs

Do you tend to sneeze whenever you’re around dogs? If so, you might be allergic to dander, or skin flakes present in an animal’s fur and hair. When dogs shed, this dander spreads onto the floor and through the air, triggering allergies.

If you’re a dog lover but suffer from allergies, you need a hypoallergenic dog. While no dog is 100% allergen-free, hypoallergenic breeds shed less, limiting the spread of dander. The only way to ensure that a dog is actually hypoallergenic is by selecting a reputable breeder that coat-tests dogs, such as Pride & Prejudoodles.

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Professional Trainers

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is extremely exciting, but it’s also a lot of work. Training a dog takes time and energy many people simply don’t have. Why not skip over the strenuous training routine and adopt a fully trained puppy instead?

At Pride & Prejudoodles, we work with high-quality, experienced trainers who can modify bad habits and encourage the best behavior from your puppy. They also cover housebreaking, socialization and walking techniques. Once training is complete, we’ll give you a list of personalized tips designed especially for your puppy’s unique needs.


If you’re looking for a friendly, loyal companion, you can’t go wrong with a goldendoodle, labradoodle or cockapoo. They may differ slightly in appearance, but most share the same fun-loving personalities. You can learn more about our puppies by scrolling through our Available Puppies section.

Every mammal, including a hypoallergenic dog, will shed some hair. However, low-shedding dogs like English bulldog puppies or doodles lose hair infrequently, which reduces the risk of allergies. You won’t wake up to find your furniture and floors covered with dog fur.

Our comprehensive training program covers housebreaking, socialization, obedience commands, leash walking and behavior modification. You can learn more by visiting our training page.

We only add sales tax to puppies delivered in Virginia. Puppies delivered in Massachusetts or other states don’t come with any extra taxes.


Pride and Prejudoodles team in Massachusetts

Meet Our Massachusetts Team: The People Behind Pride & Prejudoodles

You won’t find a dog breeders team that’s more passionate about dogs than this one. Every single person on our crew, from the founders, dog breeders and professional puppy trainers, plays an important role in ensuring the health and happiness of our puppies. Keep reading to learn more about what makes our team unique.

Joshua & Kelsey: Our Founders

Anyone who knows Joshua and Kelsey will tell you it’s no surprise that they went into the dog business. After bonding over a mutual love of canines and Jane Austen novels, they decided to open Pride & Prejudoodles. As they created their business, Joshua and Kelsey had one goal in mind: to provide loving families with precious hypoallergenic and trained puppies. They believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of owning the perfect puppy, including those who have allergies or lack the time to train a pet. This passion has been passed down to their kids, creating a full family of dog lovers.

Eric: Our Customer Service Head

If you have any questions about picking your Pride & Prejudoodles puppy, Eric is the go-to guy. As our customer service head, it’s his responsibility to make sure the adoption process goes as smoothly as possible. From selecting your ideal puppy to watching as they’re hand-delivered to your Massachusetts doorstep, Eric will be there every step of the way to answer questions and provide support.

eric helps in your search for new pups
hannah makes sure your litter arrives in their new home

Hannah: Our Administrative Assistant

No team is complete without a hard-working administrative assistant to fill out paperwork, organize documents and keep things running behind the scenes. At Pride & Prejudoodles, Hannah fulfills this valuable role. In addition to sending out regular updates to waiting families, she’s in charge of scheduling. Her dedication and effort are what make our timely hand deliveries possible.

Alyssa & Tressie

As part of our Pride & Prejudoodles promise, we make sure our puppies are trained and housebroken. Alyssa and Tressie — our head trainers — play a huge part in that promise. They have tons of experience working with dogs and developing unique, personalized training techniques. Using this experience, combined with their love of canines, they help bring out the best in every one of our puppies and make sure they are your new best friend.

Pride and Prejudoodles Head trainer Alyssa
Pride and Prejudoodles Head trainer Tressie
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Charity Work

Key values of our program include hope, happiness and compassion. In addition to spreading joy by offering adorable, health-tested puppies, we’re committed to giving back to local communities. With every dollar you donate, we promise to match that amount (up to $500). Organizations we work with include:

  • The Morning Center: This Tennessee-based charity facilitates access to maternity care.
  • Compassion International: This charity brings resources to impoverished children across the globe.
  • Peru Medical Missions: This group helps underprivileged Peruvians find affordable medical care.

With your support, we’ve been able to raise over $300,000 so far for those in need.

Pricing Benefits & Features

At Pride & Prejudoodles, we’re committed to quality. Our prices help us maintain those high standards by covering breeding dogs, training, first shots, spaying/neutering and coat and health testing. The exact price you pay depends on the type of puppy and training you choose — learn more about pricing below.

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Our Puppy Prices

As you pick the perfect puppy for your home, you can expect the following costs:

  • Deposit fee
  • Puppy price
  • Training costs

We ask that all new owners submit a $4,000 deposit to reserve puppies currently attending our training program. This deposit goes towards the final costs and can be transferred to another puppy if you wish.

The price of your new puppy depends on the size — medium/standard puppies cost $3,900, while minis cost $4,400. We also offer both a three-month training program ($12,900) and a five-month training program ($17,900). Every puppy is tested according to our health, coat and temperament standards.

Goldendoodles for Sale MA
Financing Plans

Are you trying to decide the best way to pay for your puppy? Consider our PayPal financing plan that can be found in our sale page. Using a PayPal credit card, you can pay off the price of your puppy over time. Key features include:

  • Ability to space out your payments
  • Simplicity and convenience of an online platform
  • No interest on purchases over $99 (provided you pay in full by 6 months)

This plan is subject to credit approval. You can learn more about the program here.

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