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Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale In Texas

Goldendoodles came onto the scene in the 1990s and are renowned for their loyal, people-loving personalities and teddy bear cuteness. They’re happy-go-lucky and love nothing more than cuddles or lap time with their favorite people and animals.

Their coat color ranges from white, cream or gold to brown, chocolate, black and practically everything in between. In recent years, breeders have introduced doodles with mixed colors and pretty coat patterns, adding even more variation to this much-loved dog breed.  

As descendants of poodles, goldendoodles shed less than other pups, making them popular among families with mild allergies. Nonetheless, they inherited a double coat from their golden retriever parent. As such, they require regular grooming and brushing to keep their fur soft and matt-free.

Their gentle nature makes them a dream pet for families with children and other pets — even cats. They love to socialize and are extremely affectionate provided they receive adequate training and socialization as puppies. Boasting two of the smartest dog breeds as parents, these pups are highly trainable and love to learn tricks and delight their human companions.  

Because of their smarts and high energy levels, goldendoodles require at least 30 minutes of daily walking and plenty of play time. They love to swim, run, walk, play with other animals and learn new tricks. The curlier the coat, the more you’ll need to brush them, and we’d recommend a monthly bath or trip to the groomer.

Labradoodle Puppies For Sale In Texas

Labradoodles are a designer breed from labrador and poodle that were introduced in Australia in the 1980s and have been steadily growing in popularity ever since. Bred for their hypoallergenic coat and intelligent temperament, they were initially intended to be service dogs. They have a shaggy coat that presents in a range of different textures, the curliest of which are the least allergenic. They come in a broad variety of colors, including golden, blue, silver, red and black.

They’re confident and kind dogs that are only slightly more serious than their golden cousins due to their original status as working dogs. They can get very excited by people and pets and require proper training as puppies to ensure they’re on their best behavior as adult dogs.    

While doodles are excellent companions, they don’t make the best guard dogs because they’re just so loving. Nonetheless, they’re very eager to please their owners and love nothing more than learning new tricks that delight their loved ones. Games such as fetch, agility training, scent training and mantrailing will bring endless happiness to your doodle and keep it from getting bored.

You’ll need to brush curlier labradoodles more than those with straight hair and take them to the groomer every month or so.

Cockapoo Puppies For Sale In Texas

Cockapoos are famous for their teddy bear eyes and boundless energy, and they’ve been delighting human companions since the 1960s. People love them because they shed less than other dogs, have an easygoing personality and adore spending time with their favorite people. The cockapoo’s parents are the lively cocker spaniel and the refined poodle.

These adorable little pups idolize their families and are always eager to please and proud to bring a smile to people’s faces. This desire to delight their owners combined with their intelligence means they’re easy to train and don’t like spending time alone. Look no further if your priority is finding a puppy to give and receive unconditional love.

Despite being great with people and pets within the family, cockapoos have inherited a strong prey drive from their parents. As such, you’ll need to keep a close eye on them around little critters such as squirrels and rabbits. They usually have wavy hair and come in three distinct sizes: toy, mini and standard. They’re usually single-coated, and the dog’s most popular coat colors are chocolate, apricot, red, buff, black and white.





Trained doodle breed for sale in Texas

All of our puppies for sale in Texas come with a minimum of three months’ training from our expert dog trainers. However, you can also opt for a puppy that’s received five months of training to guide it through the challenging training stages and give it the very best start in life.


The certified dog trainers at Pride and Prejudoodles are at the top of their field. Together, we’ve designed a comprehensive training plan to bring out the perfect puppy for you. We make sure no dog leaves the comfort of its mother’s side until it’s reached eight weeks and is ready to begin the training process.

We address the most important elements of training as soon as the puppy is ready. We cover housebreaking, obedience, socialization and prevention of unwelcome behaviors. Once they get home, you can expect no accidents overnight, no nipping, no jumping and no chewing in your presence, and they’ll respond to basic commands.

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Our training teams work to correct unwanted behaviors by rewarding good behaviors using praise, toys and treats. We use most loving methods to train our pups to develop the most positive outcomes. 

While it’s possible to use fear and aggression to demand obedience from a dog, it may also cause them to mirror your behavior and become more fearful and aggressive. What’s more, yelling or getting upset with a dog when it doesn’t do what you want can confuse the dog and further reinforce the unwanted action.


We’re proud of the process we’ve developed to train the gorgeous puppies we take care of, and our customers are always delighted with the results. Trainers have access to a range of resources to support the training process. They make sure each puppy spends plenty of time around other pets, people’s homes, dog parks and pet-friendly stores. They meet children, groomers and veterinarians and get used to common household noises.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect puppy and the training process begins, you can expect regular updates. This includes pictures of your puppy, extensive email updates once per month and a video showing you the commands they’ve learned. You’ll get individualized tips from your dog’s trainer, who hand-delivers your furry friend and provides an obedience coaching session in-person.

At Pride and Prejudoodles, we understand that well-trained pups have stronger lifelong bonds with their pet parents.

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Goldendoodles, labradoodles and cockapoos are highly intelligent dogs, which means they’re relatively easy to train. However, keep in mind that as clever dogs, they can be more stubborn and cheeky with an inexperienced trainer. An expert will always be able to bring out the best in a young puppy and set it up for a joyful life.

Well-trained labradoodles are one of the calmest and most affectionate dog breeds out there. They are sociable and kind and love spending time around family members and other pets. Labradoodles tend to be even calmer than their Labrador retriever parents due to the influence from the aloof poodle. 

There are a few subtle differences between male and female doodles, but your choice is ultimately down to preference. Male dogs are slightly more protective than females, while females can be even more affectionate than their male counterparts. Nonetheless, most gender differences diminish significantly once the puppy is neutered.
Cockapoos are easy to train because of their intelligent nature. Provided you have the time and you’re consistent and dedicated to the process, this eager-to-please puppy is one of the easiest dog breeds to train.
High maintenance is a difficult term to define. Compared to a Rottweiler or beagle, doodles are easy to train breed, aren’t stubborn and are highly unlikely to ignore you completely. However, all dogs require tons of love and care every day to keep them happy and well-adjusted.
Like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Goldendoodles hardly bark at all, which makes them a firm favorite of peace-loving families that aren’t looking for guard dogs. Labradoodles are moderate barking dogs but highly unlikely to do so for no reason. Cockapoos can bark or yap when they’re bored or lonely, so be sure to keep them entertained!


Pride & Prejudoodles Texas Team


Joshua and Kelsey founded Pride and Prejudoodles in 2010, bringing together their shared passion for the doodles designer breeds and Jane Austen novels. They oversee the operation and continue to refine their offering by focusing on genetic research, advanced training, government compliance and health management.

Eric is the customer service champion here at P&P, making sure our customers get the very best experience throughout the entire pup adoption process. He answers your questions and ensures our website and brochures meet our exacting standards.

Texas Team Member: Eric
Texas Team Member: Hannah

Hannah is in charge of running schedules, sending updates to owners and taking care of other administrative tasks. Her hard work and dedication help to ensure puppies make it to their new home in time and keep everything running smoothly back on base.

Alyssa is one of our head trainers and has a serious passion for dogs. She oversees the training program and regularly checks in with the puppies to ensure they’re progressing as expected.

Tressie is also a head pooch trainer, and her dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm inspire the team of trainers. She loves doodles and cares deeply about making sure every trainer shares her commitment and dedication to doing a great job.

Texas Team Member: Alyssa
Texas Team Member: Tressie
Goldendoodles Texas Puppies for Sale


We’ve built a successful business here at Pride and Prejudoodles, and we want to make sure we share our success with those less fortunate. That’s why we support several charities in the community. We work with The Morning Center, which provides maternity care to underserved, underprivileged women. Compassion International is another cause we support, and it helps connect impoverished children around the world with health care, education and disaster relief initiatives. Finally, we’ve partnered with Peru Medical Missions to help provide medical care to underprivileged Peruvians.


Labradoodles Texas Puppies for Sale


Most people have super-busy schedules these days, which can make training a new puppy tricky. During the first few months, you’ll need to wake up overnight to crate train your puppy and dedicate hours each day to housebreaking, obedience training and socialization. Opting for a fully trained doodle means your puppy will be delivered to your door with all the hardest and most time-consuming elements of the training process already complete. 

Cockapoos Texas Puppies for Sale


One of the most important reasons for correctly training a puppy at a young age is confidence. When pups are unsure how they’re supposed to behave, they’re much more prone to acting out. Training entails repeatedly exposing them to situations they’d encounter on a regular basis and giving them the tools to navigate them. Most pups just want to please their owners, and training helps them understand exactly what you expect from them so they can delight you every day.

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