Although bringing home an already-trained puppy may be ideal, subsidizing the costs of a certified professional's full attention for 3+ months isn't an option for everyone.


Most of our puppies are enrolled in our Advanced Training Program, but our trainers' calendar availability can't fit them all.

Enter, Our Puppies without Training...

Our Basic Adoption Package includes:

  • One ethically-raised Doodle Puppy at  8 weeks of age (instead of 5+ months)

  • The same health testing (for 164+ of the most common canine diseases)

  • The same coat testing (read about our non-shedding guarantee HERE)

  • The same temperament testing (we only breed family-friendly, quick-learning parents, ideal for therapy dog training)

  • Professional pictures, video, email updates, and preparation tips sent over WEEKLY.

  • Free Hand-Delivery within our radius of NC, VA, DC, & MD.

  • Pictures of the parents and pedigree with your puppy’s genealogy

  • A 1-2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee (that can be found HERE)

  • A full vet check and up to date wormer and vaccinations

  • 30 Days of Pet Insurance coverage through Trupanion

  • A small towel with the littermates' scent (to help prevent whining/separation anxiety)

  • Beginning crate-training skillsused to socializing with men, women, children, veterinary assistants, groomers, and be exposed to both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Our constant support, before and AFTER your puppy goes home with you.

"When I fall in love, it will be forever."

-Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

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