In recent years, goldendoodles have become one of the most popular dog types for pet lovers. These doodle mix pups are the offspring of two beloved dog breeds — golden retrievers and poodles. While goldendoodles are often known for their cuddly good looks, they are also a top choice because of their wonderful temperament. These dogs are affectionate, loving, kind and accepting of strangers, making them an ideal choice for both new and experienced dog owners. Some goldendoodles can be shy around other dogs and some may take a protective role for their families, so it’s important to only adopt goldendoodles from a reputable breeder. Here are five important things to know about goldendoodle temperaments:

1. Exercise Is Critical

Goldendoodles adopted from reputable breeders usually don’t struggle with the same behavioral problems. They are, however, very energetic and do best in households with enough space and time for lots of exercise. Goldendoodles love all the classic canine activities, such as fetch, long walks and running. Many also love to explore water and can learn to swim. With plenty of exercise, most goldendoodles display very little aggression and are very obedient.

2. They’re Easy to Train

Though many top breeders offer trained goldendoodles for adoption, these pups can also continue their training at home. Goldendoodles are very smart dogs and willing to learn new behaviors and commands with the help of positive reinforcement. Punishments such as hitting or shouting at a goldendoodle are not recommended and can inhibit the Doodle training process. Crate training and alone time training are highly recommended, as goldendoodles can suffer from separation anxiety.

3. Socializing Is Good

Goldendoodles are naturally curious, friendly and calm around humans and, like their parent breeds, most are also fine around other dogs. This is especially true of professionally raised goldendoodles that have lived around their litter mates for at least the first eight weeks of life. Some goldendoodles can be nervous or aggressive around unfamiliar dogs, so it’s a good idea to socialize them with other dogs early and often as is modeled in our training program.

4. How They Differ From Labradoodles

Labradoodles are a mix between Labrador and Poodle and share many characteristics with goldendoodles. They are both wonderful pets with beautiful curly coats, and both are easy to train. Goldendoodles can have some key personality differences, including more immediate friendliness with new people. Labradoodles can be cautious around new people but are often exceptionally loyal once they’re comfortable. Both of these doodle mixes benefit from an active lifestyle, but goldendoodles can be slightly less energetic.

5. Goldendoodles Have Athletic Genes

Goldendoodles are known for their cuddly, teddy bear looks, but they’re also athletes. As the offspring of two sporting class dogs, goldendoodles share DNA with many popular hunting dogs. This genetic makeup contributes to goldendoodles’ fun, playful temperament. Goldendoodles can be known to chase smaller wild animals, including squirrels, chipmunks and mice, so be sure to keep your friend on leash during their first visits to the local park. In our training program they will be introduced to other animals to build comfortability and tame curiosity.

If you are considering adding a Goldendoodle to your family, you can be certain that they will bring plenty of love and fun into your home. Take a look at our available puppies or contact Pride and Prejudoodles today for more information.