Goldendoodles are a popular hybrid between golden retrievers and poodles, and their coats share features with both parent breeds. The coat can range from gentle waves to full-on curls, with the longest growth on legs and tail, ears or body. You won’t have to worry much about shedding with these dogs, but do plan on brushing their coat every two weeks or so if you plan to keep it short or daily for long coats. Be careful to only wash your goldendoodle when it’s necessary as their skin can tend to dry out with too much bathing. Here are the steps you’ll need to take when it’s time to give your goldendoodle a bath.

1. Start with Brushing and Clipping

The first step in washing a goldendoodle is to thoroughly brush the coat. Gently pull the comb through the dog’s coat to straighten any tangled areas and release any debris or particulate. Some areas are difficult to access regularly with a brush and may be prone to mats or knots. Use a sharp and well-maintained set of clippers to remove the knots. Be sure to use clippers specifically designed for dog grooming as they are better equipped to cut through dog hair than human clippers. Never use scissors to clip your goldendoodle as sudden movements could cause injuries to the dog.

2. Shampooing

The next step is to move the goldendoodle into a bathtub or washbasin for shampooing. Choosing the right shampoo for a goldendoodle is critical to avoid drying out their often sensitive skin. Consider mild human shampoo options such as no-tears baby shampoo or fragrance-free shampoo-plus-conditioner. Once you have the right shampoo, you can jump in with the wash. Here are some suggestions for washing the different parts of a goldendoodle:
Face: It’s important to avoid getting soap directly in a goldendoodle’s eyes. To avoid this, bring some shampoo to a lather in the water and then use an extra-soft toothbrush to scrub the pup’s face. Also, consider using a dampened washcloth.
Body: Shampoo can be placed directly on the coat across the rest of a goldendoodle’s body. Massage the soap gently to create a lather as you go.

3. Rinsing

Once you have given your goldendoodle a good scrub with a mild shampoo, you’ll need to rinse it thoroughly, ensuring that all of the soap is removed. To avoid getting soap in the dog’s eyes, use a shower hose extender and rinse the dog from the top down, front to back. Repeat this process multiple times until all of the soap is removed. This will prevent any skin irritation caused by leftover or dried soap.

4. Drying

Once the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed from the dog’s body, wipe it down completely with a dry towel. Let the goldendoodle shake itself dry as needed and then air-dry. Be sure the dog is completely dry before any further grooming, as wet fur can appear shorter than it actually is.
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