Safely Transporting Your Dog in the Car

Keeping your dog safe while it’s riding with you in a vehicle is important for the safety of both you and your pet. A Dog looking out of car windowdog that’s not secured in a vehicle can be thrown in a car accident, which can cause serious injuries to the animal as well as others in the vehicle. While some pet owners or dog owners opt to let their dogs roam freely in the car, this should be considered with caution.

The Center for Pet Safety standards notes that it’s important to be sure your pets remain as safe as possible in the vehicle, ideally by riding in the back seat instead of the front seat and being placed in a dog car seat or other securing devices like booster seats and tethers. A dog that’s 60 pounds or larger dogs can become the equivalent of a 2,700-pound projectile if a car crashes at 35 miles per hour during crash tests not to mention the trouble of airbags in the front seat.

Besides stopping the dog from becoming a projectile in an accident, securing your pet with a car harness or car seat belt also helps ensure the dog can’t run away if there is an accident. This means you won’t have to try to find your small dog or risk it not returning to you.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Dog and Yourself Safe?

Instead of allowing your pet to move about in the vehicle, you should consider a dog seat belt, Dog harness, tether, or safety harness to keep your dog safe in the car just make sure that it’s also adjustable. Others even use walking harnesses or some type of webbing but these aren’t really advisable. These items have shown to greatly improve dog car safety while the vehicle’s in motion.

When you’re choosing a dog safety harness, be sure you get the correct size for your furry friend. Choosing a pet restraint that’s too small or too large won’t provide the right protection for your dog, and it can make the car ride uncomfortable.

What If You Use a Portable Kennel or Seat belt?

If you use a portable kennel in the cargo area to house your smaller dog during car travel, there’s still a chance that it will suffer an injury in an accident during a car trip. This is because the dog can hit the side of the carrier during an impact. The carrier is still a good idea because it does confine the dog. You must be sure to secure the kennel with a seat belt so the whole carrier doesn’t go flying if you stop suddenly.

The cost of medical care for a pound dog that’s injured in a car accident is considerable. Using a preventive method can help save you money. Even more important, it will help your furry friend remain safe and pain-free throughout the journey.

No matter what method you use to keep your dog safe in the car, you should be sure you do it on every road trip. Starting your dog out with your chosen method as early as possible can get the dog accustomed to it so car rides on your Subaru or sedans are easier on the dog and you.