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Our Puppy Application & Approval Process

We want the adoption experience to work for all parties involved. We are always here (before or after your puppy goes home with you) if you have any training, health, or upbringing questions. We also will provide regular preparation tips to help your family prepare to bring your little one home.

We know that adopting one of our dogs takes more forethought than adopting from the pet store across the street, so we are relying on the fact that you’ve thought this through before committing. We will ALWAYS TAKE OUR PUPPIES BACK if you decide you are unable to care for them, but will not refund you unless there has been a breach of contract on our part.

We highly recommend Pride & Prejudoodles as a breeder. The Pride & Prejudoodles family takes steps to make sure their breeding dogs and their offspring are treated well and loved like members of their family. The puppy we adopted arrived in excellent health and happy. She has adapted to our home quickly and we are grateful to the Shades for providing us with a beautiful little girl.

Sheila Schultz

Izzy is perfect! She has so much personality and is the most loyal and loving dog we could ask for! She loves going on hikes and chasing squirrels. she has also had a purple dinosaur for a few months that she has to sleep with every night. She is just too cute! We are so thankful for her every day!

Hannah & Nick Currier

We were celebrating Tilly’s birthday yesterday We love her more and more every day! She is such a great dog and definitely part of our family. She has really added to our family and I am not sure there is any other dog that gets as much love as she does!

Rochelle Gorey

She is doing so well! She is crate and potty training so quickly! Thank you for all of your continued support through this entire process. We greatly appreciate all you have done.

Rachel Dow

Mason is doing great!  He is eating regularly, doing well house-training, and sleeping in his crate at night without whining. Mason did go to the vet yesterday and he is very healthy.  We have some friends looking to get labradoodles in the next year or two and we’ll definitely pass on your information! Thanks again for Mason!

Steve & Michelle Garlick

Fencer is doing great and I am truly amazed at how well she is already potty trained. She has such a sweet disposition and is just a joy.  I appreciate all of your help! We feel very lucky to have found Fencer.

Sue & Mike Gaylor

Guarantees & Expectations

When it’s time for your new puppy to join your family, he or she will be hand delivered by one of our certified trainers. We personally deliver puppies to homes in any of the 48 contiguous states.

Visit the pages below to learn more about our guarantees and what you can expect with your new puppy.