Lady Nora's puppies arrived on November 25th!


Her Multigenerational Goldendoodle puppies will be ready to go home on January 20th. 

They are expected to be between 55 and 60 lbs at adulthood.


Once you claim your puppy, we'll send you weekly pictures, video, and preparation tips to prepare you for the BIG DAY! 

If you have any questions, JUST ASK!

Puppy Choosing begins ____!

If you'd like to be notified of our availability afterward, just let us know!

1st Choice - 

2nd Choice - 

3rd Choice - 

4th Choice - Reserved for transfers/overflow

5th Choice - 

6th Choice

7th Choice - 

8th Choice - 

9th Choice -  

Sapphire Collar

Small dot on chest

15 oz

Ruby Collar


Small stripe on chest

11 oz

Emerald Collar


Stripe on forehead, markings on chin, chest, and neck

13 oz

Violet Collar

Light Red FEMALE
13 oz

Onyx Collar

Light Red FEMALE

Neck & chest marking

14 oz

Gold Collar

Light Red FEMALE

Markings on toes, forehead, neck, and chest

Topaz Collar

Small chest marking

11 oz 

Azure Collar

Light Red FEMALE

Small chest marking

12 oz

Ivory Collar

Small chest marking

11 oz

Chocolate Collar

Light Red FEMALE

9 oz

Meet the Parents!

Lady Nora

Our Multigen Goldendoodle

53 pounds

Sir Darcy the 2nd

Our F2b Goldendoodle

59 pounds

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