Payment Plans

We do not offer our own payment plans, but you can finance your new family member through PayPal Credit. They ask NO INTEREST or extra fees if you pay in full within your agreed upon time table.


You can read about their offers here.

If you would like to take advantage of this option,  please alert us so we can email you an invoice through PayPal for the deposit.  In that email invoice you will see an option to pay with PayPal Credit. Simply choose that option to pay.

One more thing! 


Your puppy's remainder will be due at delivery. To use Paypal Credit for that, you'll need to apply for it now.

After you have opened your account, apply for a credit increase to at least the amount of the remainder of the purchase price of your puppy.

Doing this ahead of time will make sure that you won’t get declined the day your puppy is supposed to go home.

A 5.3% sales tax must be added to every puppy picked up at our location or delivered to a Virginia address

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