We are frequently asked about our future/planned litters. Below are our hopes for litters yet unconceived.


We provide this glimpse as a helpful guide for those wanting to plan ahead, however, so much of ethical breeding is unpredictable. There is ALWAYS the chance that a momma will need to be retired early for health reasons, will not pass a pre-breeding health exam and need to skip a cycle, or will go into heat much earlier or later than expected. Under those conditions, we'll do what we can to refund or transfer you as we're able.


Mother: Lady Elizabeth (Bess)

Probable Stud: Sir Fitzwilliam

Expected Colors: Creams & Golds

Expected Size Range: 50-65 lb (Standards)

Past litter size: 11

Estimated Birthdate: Around August

Ready to go Home: Around October


1st - Ward & Elizabeth H.

2nd - Catherine & David

3rd - David & Linda

4th - Casey & Ashley

5th -

6th - 

7th -

8th -


Lady Elizabeth (Bess)

Cream F1b Goldendoodle

Sir Fitzwilliam

Cream F1b Goldendoodle

Mother: Lady Honora

Probable Stud: Sir Knightley

Expected Colors: Creams, Golds, and Reds

Expected Size Range: 40-50 lb (Mediums)

Past litter size: 8-9

Estimated Birthdate: Mid-August

Ready to go Home: October


1st - Laura & Jon D.

2nd - 

3rd - 

4th - Reserved for necessary transfers/overflow

5th -

6th - 


Lady Honora

Cream F1b Goldendoodle

Sir Knightley

Red F1b Goldendoodle

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