At Pride and Prejudoodles, every Goldendoodle puppy who comes through our doors is a member of the family. We understand that some households are too busy to meet the demands of a newborn pup, so we offer Goldendoodles with training.

Our canine experts pick out the toughest and smartest little doodles, who stay near mom until they’re eight weeks old. They spend three months in the home of a certified dog trainer, learning the best behavior from the perfect age. When they come into your home, they’re primed on the basics, saving you a whole lot of time and effort.

What Does Goldendoodle Training Include?

Over three months, the trainer works according to the development of the puppy. This includes ensuring they understand housebreaking, can respond to basic commands and feel comfortable around people, children and other animals.

Basic Commands

Goldendoodles with training can understand and respond to basic commands, such as sit, down, and come. They’ll be able to walk on a leash and ride in a car without incident for three hours. The trainer hand-delivers your puppy, explains the techniques they use, and gives you a lesson so you can maintain the training after they’re gone.


During training, the Goldendoodle will spend time learning how to relax around other dogs and animals in public and in homes. They’ll also meet lots of people of all ages and get accustomed to being handled by various professionals such as vets and groomers.


When you take doodle puppies with training home, they’re trained to stay in a crate overnight without accidents. They can go for three hours without potty breaks and understand commands about potty training. Your job will be to maintain the training and some form of schedule so the puppy can continue in the discipline he’s learned.

Well-Being Is Our Priority

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent dogs with lots of energy and a zest for life. Correct training is necessary for them to be happy and confident. It also lets you work on building a loving bond with your little one instead of needing to focus on the frustrations of training.

Adorable Updates From Your Trainer

You’ll get a detailed monthly update letting you know how your Goldendoodle puppy is doing, with beautiful professional photos and a short video. The trainer also sends you personalized tips and routines for your individual pup.

Who Needs Goldendoodles With Training?

Goldendoodles with training are ideal for any household that cares deeply about the puppy’s needs but doesn’t necessarily have the time to provide comprehensive training. Whether you already have a young family to look after or your work schedule is too tight to fit in the consistent supervision required, buying a trained Goldendoodle is the ideal solution.

Are You Interested In Buying a Trained Goldendoodle?

It’s a big deal to decide to bring a new puppy into the home, but it’s also one of the most exciting choices you’ll ever make. Lots of people opt not to buy a dog because they don’t have time for the initial training. Contact us today, we do the hard work, so you get all the fun!

When it’s time for your new puppy to join your family, he or she will be hand-delivered by one of our certified trainers. We personally deliver puppies to homes in any of the 48 contiguous states. Pride and Prejudoodles will deliver puppies across the US. Some of the most popular states we travel to are New York, Texas, California, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Illinois.


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