Check out what our clients have to say about our doodle puppies!

We highly recommend Pride & Prejudoodles as a breeder. The Pride & Prejudoodles family takes steps to make sure their breeding dogs and their offspring are treated well and loved like members of their family. The puppy we adopted arrived in excellent health and happy. She has adapted to our home quickly and we are grateful to the Shades for providing us with a beautiful little girl.

Sheila Schultz

Izzy is perfect! She has so much personality and is the most loyal and loving dog we could ask for! She loves going on hikes and chasing squirrels. she has also had a purple dinosaur for a few months that she has to sleep with every night. She is just too cute! We are so thankful for her every day!

Hannah & Nick Currier

We were celebrating Tilly’s birthday yesterday We love her more and more every day! She is such a great dog and definitely part of our family. She has really added to our family and I am not sure there is any other dog that gets as much love as she does!

Rochelle Gorey

She is doing so well! She is crate and potty training so quickly! Thank you for all of your continued support through this entire process. We greatly appreciate all you have done.

Rachel Dow

Mason is doing great!  He is eating regularly, doing well house-training, and sleeping in his crate at night without whining. Mason did go to the vet yesterday and he is very healthy.  We have some friends looking to get labradoodles in the next year or two and we’ll definitely pass on your information! Thanks again for Mason!

Steve & Michelle Garlick

Fencer is doing great and I am truly amazed at how well she is already potty trained. She has such a sweet disposition and is just a joy.  I appreciate all of your help! We feel very lucky to have found Fencer.

Sue & Mike Gaylor

We ended up surprising Bryan Wednesday morning as we put Bella in bed with Bryan to wake him up (he thought she wasn’t coming until Friday). He actually had tears in his eyes and was so excited to finally have her home. She is such a sweetheart, she did very well the first night and acted as if she knew she was home. Bella has done awesome on the potty training and has only had one accident the first morning here. She has such a great personality and loves Bryan and you can tell she was around little ones. She is the way she is due to how you started her out and I thank you for being such great people with your dogs and puppies, it truly shows.

Melanie Moore

Magen Warner

“Marley is growing so fast. He has not had one accident in his crate. He is potty trained, knows how to sit, lay down, shake with both hands, turn around and speak. We are learning roll over and stay (which he does NOT like) now. He is such a smart boy. Thank y’all so much for giving me this precious gift. We are so in love.”

Katie Larsen

“Tucker is so gentle and sweet with my niece, Lexi. I love how gentle and patient he is with kids. Once again, thanks for everything!!”

Stephanie W.

“Sophie is absolutely the sweetest thing! She has gone out 4 times and knows just what to do. Thanks so much for all the effort you and your husband have put into training her. It certainly has paid off! She loves the kids, her little tail starts wagging as soon as she sees them. I just wanted to say thanks! We love her!”

Kristin W.

“Hi, Kelsey! Remi is quite a smart pup! He has not only graduated from Puppy 1 & 2, he just graduated from Adult 1 at Petco last week! His trainer and I are very impressed with his desire to learn! He is doing great, and loves to romp around with the boys. We made him a birthday cake tonight. He loved it!”

Raji N.

“Raji was awoken at 11pm after hearing Rufus bark constantly, she came down from her sleep to find me on the ground. I had a not been able to do dialysis for 2 days due to complications. She immediately called 911 and I woke up 2 days later in the hospital. I am happy to say that my kidney transplant was a success 1 week ago, and we always say that Rufus truly saved my life. He is the cutest and we are so proud of him.”

Shawna McWilliams

“Joshua and Kelsey, thank you for being by our side through our journey to add Knight and Thor to our lives. They have made our family complete. I have recommended you to several families. Your weekly updates, informative communications, and obvious loving atmosphere is what brought us to you, and is what brought us back when we knew we wanted to add to our family. We were willing to drive much farther since your move, but you even made that a positive and exciting experience. The McWilliams family thanks you!!”

Ashleigh Dunlap

“Maylee has grown so fast! She absolutely loves my boys! She also loves our cat but he hasn’t taken to her quite yet! She just got her first very small and simple grooming session! She starts doggy training school on Saturday! She is very social and loves people and other animals!

She is so energetic and loving! We adore her!”

Erin McAllister

“My boyfriend and I visited Pride and Prejudoodles yesterday, and loved seeing the beautiful grounds and meeting their puppies! The Shade family runs a wonderful, “family farm” like atmosphere for their dogs – you can tell they really care for their puppies, and they provided wonderful service to visitors. The puppies were incredibly sweet, gentle and, needless to say, very, VERY cute.”

Melissa Williams

“Bronx is doing so well and is adjusting perfectly to our home! We just can’t get enough of him and love him so much. Everyone that meets him can’t believe how calm and well behaved he is! We have been home with him for the last 6 days and that has seemed to really help him adjust quickly. We’ve been enjoying watching him become more comfortable and confident with his new environment each day. Thanks again for all your hard work during the first 8 weeks of his life. It’s been such a great experience adopting from you guys and I would love to be put on your reference list.”

Jenna C.

“We are so happy with Camden and have fallen in love with his personality. You and your family made us feel so welcome at your home and so comfortable and confident throughout the entire adoption process. We just wanted to say thank you again.”

Caroline D (age 11)

“Bluebeans is my dog I got to pick him, name him, and he is my responsibility. During Blue’s training I am in charge of him. I love him and so does the rest of my family. Blue is always waiting for me at the front door when I get home from school. He always greets me with kisses and excitement. He sleeps with my at night and doesn’t go to bed until I am in bed. Bluebeans is an AMAZING dog and I cant thank you enough for him!!”

Stephanie W.

“It’s hard to believe we’ve had Sophie a year now!  The kids are so excited for her 1st birthday. We have some surprises planned for Sophie after school today.

Sophie is such a smart, sweet puppy! She loves to play with the kids and go for walks. She weighed 46lbs last month and she is still growing!  Hard to believe since she started out so tiny! She is starting her 1st agility class tomorrow.”

Hank S.

“Hugs from Sparkie. Today is her 2 year birthday. She is doing great. Very smart and loving.”

Kristin W.

“Remi is a blessing!!  I’ve had so many compliments on his demeanor.  He has done very well with training.”

Julie Crocker

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU and Joshua so much!  Barkley has fit right in. He has no jumped or barked.  He is so calm and great with the children. We took him to visit my father in law.  He is a bed bound hospice patient and he just laid with him and was so loving. We are already so in love.  He has been using his potty chimes and no accidents so far. I will send you some pictures tomorrow. You have a wonderful business and we highly recommend you to our friends.  Thank you for all of the training, love and support through this process. Your dedication to your puppies shines!!”

Robyn Jones

“Leia is GREAT!!!!!!  Feeling a little mommy guilt today since this is our first day the whole fam is back to work and school BUT…we have awesome neighbors serving as dogwalkers and caregivers mid morning and mid afternoon…so hoping that she still feels the love we’ve given her over the last week! She’s been great in the crate at night and rest time (doesn’t like going in, but she doesn’t cry now that it’s in our room). Great with the kids and they just love her! Perfect first Vet visit (fell asleep on the exam room floor), etc. I think she fits right in!”

Amber S.

“Breaker is a great dog! We can’t go anywhere without getting some many compliments. People go crazy over him.”

Val Neuhart

“Oakley is fabulously amazing!! His demeanor and personality are perfect for our family. Training overall has been going very smoothly. We took him to his first softball tournament and no fewer than a few hundred ooh’d and ahh’d or pet Oakley. We provided your home webpage and site to a few families that are in the process of all the research.”

Stephanie Gronewoller

“Whiskey is truly just a huge bundle of joy and has brought so much love and happiness into our home. He loves to play fetch, belly rubs, snuggling, jumping up and down. He has graduated puppy kindergarted and is already excelling in our next training class. He’s growing way too fast (41 pounds at 5 months!) but we love that he still has his puppy personality! We see a bit of his teen-self coming through but we love it just as much! He had a great Thanksgiving walking around a lake with us. We love that he sticks by our side even when he’s off leash smile emoticon It just makes us feel even more loved.”

Bentley Claudon.

“Betty is such a joy! She’s the sweetest dog we could’ve asked for. She’s such a happy goof and continuously keeps us laughing. We’re so happy with how she’s maturing and her eyes are absolutely beautiful. She’s gotten really good with her commands and is very gentle around all the little dogs in our family, including her sister Pippa who is a maltipoo. Thanks again for such sweet puppy!”

Amanda Ulishney

“Noel is wonderful, simply wonderful.  I can’t begin to put into words how truly perfect she is for our family.  Her personality has filled our hearts with joy and love. She is the perfect puppy for us, so much fun and such a happy girl. We can tell she came from a loving family, a loving home.”