Do Doodles shed?

With so much conflicting information online, it can be a nightmare for a prospective adoptee to sort out the truth.


Doodles don’t shed!

Doodles actually DO shed!

Shedding depends on the generation.

Generation doesn't make a difference.

It's impossible to know which puppies will or won't.

Well, MY doodle doesn't shed!

Then why does his BROTHER from the same litter shed?

No one can guarantee that dogs don’t shed! All mammals do!


Thankfully, you don’t have to be a canine genetics expert to ensure you get a non-shedding puppy. Why? Because Pride & Prejudoodles already has one.


Pride & Prejudoodles has a full-time canine genetics expert on staff, so we can guarantee your family a fully health tested, coat tested, and non-shedding puppy, every single time.


Coat traits, body structure, health and temperament, especially involving a new, developing breed, can be a complicated art to master. And the truth is, NO BREEDER can guarantee a non-shedding puppy based on the puppy’s generation or even based on parentage alone (even non-shedding parents can carry recessive shedding genes).

The ONLY WAY to guarantee a non-shedding puppy is to choose a breeder who coat tests.

That’s the Pride & Prejudoodles guarantee.

We figured out the complicated stuff so you don't have to.

(Though if you visit with our genetics gal on Visitation Day, she'd love to talk your ear off about it)

**Please note that all mammals, even humans, will lose hair to some extent.

Our definition of 'non-shedding' means that some hair may be lost during brushing or determined tugging, but our Doodles will not 'blow their coat' or leave hair all over your clothes or furniture.

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