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When we brought the baby home we agreed we wouldn’t force them  to engage with her, lay by her, etc. Since the moment they laid eyes on her they have been obsessed! I think one of the greatest gifts we gave our daughter is the love and friendship of these dogs.
--Lukas & Erica K. (Doodle Parents to Dempsey & Belle)
Bella made our lives complete. She is sweet, and exceptionally smart - she knows 12 commands and not to mention she is potty trained & walks off leash ♥️ She is a dream puppy for anyone to have. --Alexander & Prathibha 
Breaker is just the best dog- so loving, protective and cuddly. We loved him so much we had to have another. Rocky, his half brother, is a free spirit, loves his tennis balls and the sweetest dog we have ever met. These doods complete our family- we couldn’t imagine life without them. --Amber F.
Not sure what we did before the addition of our sweet boy, Waylon! He is our best friend, the best companion, and more than just a dog. We can’t wait to see how great of a big brother he will be to our twin baby girls expected to arrive soon! --Morgan T.
Bordeaux is like fine wine...he gets better with age! I love him more every day for his sweet yet playful personality - and everyone is always so impressed by how much of a good boy he is! He is my perfect companion. --Bree H.

A dog can fill your home with love, companionship and excitement. Sometimes, though, the thought of working through the puppy stage can seem daunting to new pet families, and even experienced owners may hesitate to start all over again with an untrained dog. That's why purchasing already-trained dogs are becoming an increasingly popular choice when shopping for a new pet.

Families looking for trained goldendoodles and trained labradoodles can't go wrong at Pride & Prejudoodles. Your new family member will arrive already trained and ready to join the household with minimal effort on your part. You get to enjoy all the joys of a new puppy without most of the early hassles that often accompany these energetic bundles of joy.

Benefits of Trained Labradoodles & Goldendoodles

1. Limited housebreaking accidents

Quick action is needed during potty training, and most people don't have the luxury of remaining constantly insight of a wandering puppy. Professionals have the experience to know when a puppy is planning on squatting or just exploring their environment. Once schooling is complete, housebroken puppies can hold their bladders for 8-9 hours while crated at night and for 3 hours during the day.


2. Obedience to basic commands

Some orders are essential to your dog's safety, such as "leave it" and "come," while others contribute to the comfort of you, family members and guests. These may include "off," "sit" and "down." Using their years of experience, dog trainers prepare your puppy to respond to these basic words. As the puppy’s future owner, you will receive updated videos of training sessions, along with tips to continue these good habits on your own.

3. Worry-free Socialization

Leaving its mother and siblings can be tough for a young dog. Experiencing 24/7 companionship and supervision goes a long way toward creating a well-balanced, confident puppy. Exposure to a variety of situations, including strangers, loud noises, grooming techniques and vet checks, can help a young dog react positively to stressful events and reduce the chances of it developing separation anxiety. 


4. Prevention of unwelcome behaviors

Some bad habits can be stopped before they even start. Jumping on guests, excessive barking and chewing on table legs and shoes are all actions that a professional dog handler can curb in young pups. The absence of these behaviors helps make your canine companion a joy to have around.

5. Walk or drive with your pup, safely

Sometimes it's hard to tell if the owner is walking the dog or the dog is walking the owner. Leash training through certified dog professionals can ensure your puppy is eager and ready to walk with you and to sit when you stop walking. Car riding practice encourages safe transport of your dog and helps them remain calm and accident-free on the drive.


Reserve a Trained Doodle Puppy for Peace of Mind

Reserving a trained dog lets you relax and enjoy all the positive aspects of dog ownership without worrying about damaged belongings, endless instruction or constant supervision. Pride & Prejudoodles has both trained goldendoodle and labradoodle pups preparing for their new forever homes. During the training months, the puppies are kept in optimal health through a complete care program that        includes:

  • Health supplements

  • Monthly worming

  • Vaccinations

  • Baths with nail trimming and ear cleaning

Your puppy lives in the home of a certified trainer during the months it takes to complete our training program. Your well-mannered new pet will also qualify for certification as a therapy or emotional support dog (doctor’s note of recommendation required). Contact Pride & Prejudoodles to discuss purchasing one of our hand-picked trained puppies for adoption today.

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