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A Cockapoo, Doodle, or Bernedoodle dog can fill your home with love, companionship, and excitement. Sometimes, though, the thought of working through the puppy stage can seem daunting to new pet families, and even experienced owners may hesitate to start all over again with an untrained dog. That’s why purchasing already-trained Cockapoos or Doodle puppies is becoming an increasingly popular choice when shopping for a new pet.

  • Crated 8-9 hours at night without accidents.
  • Able to hold between potty breaks for 3 hours during the day
  • Rarely chews something inappropriate while someone is present
  • Understands and responds to the ‘leave it’ command’
  • Nip Jump-trained
  • Does not bite hands and will rarely jump up on people
  • ‘Sit’- (from 15 feet away for 30 seconds)
  • ‘Down’ – (from 15 feet away for 30 seconds)
  • ‘Ok’ – as permission to stop sitting/staying
  • ‘Come’- voice command from a distance of 30 feet
  • ‘Off’ – to respond immediately if jumping up ever occurs
  • ‘Place’– go to a designated open bed or mat and stay there for 30 seconds
  • Stair Trained– to be able to go up and down stairs at a reasonable pace
  • Used to visiting other people’s homes, pet-friendly stores, and dog parks/walks
  • Accustomed to individuals and children of various ages
  • Accustomed to being handled by a veterinarian and health professionals
  • Accustomed to being handled by a groomer
  • Familiar with television noise, sounds of household appliances, music, sounds of traffic, and blow dryers.
  • Professional pictures will be taken by Pride & Prejudoodles’ photographer, you will receive a lengthy email update on your dog’s progress, as well as a short video demonstrating what commands can be shown.
  • Before going home, the trainer will email specific tips/routines individualized to your cockapoo or doodle puppy to help your dog’s transition.
  • Leash Trained– to walk on the left side and rarely pull.
  • Know how to auto-sit each time the walker stops.
  • Car Traveling– take a ride without having any potty accidents for 4 hours
  • Our doodles for sale are genetically tested to be free of over 160 of the most common canine diseases
  • Worming will be done monthly
  • Vaccinations will be kept up to date
  • Baths, nail trimmings, ear cleanings are done weekly
  • NuVet Health Supplements will be given daily

Yes, you can. When it’s time for your new puppy to join your family, he or she will be hand-delivered by one of our certified trainers. We personally deliver puppies to homes in any of the 48 contiguous states. Pride and Prejudoodles will deliver puppies across the US. Some of the most popular states we travel to are New York, Texas, California, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Illinois.

Families looking for Goldendoodles for sale, Labradoodles for sale, or Cockapoos for sale can’t go wrong with the hypoallergenic dog breeders at Pride & Prejudoodles in Virginia. Your new family member will arrive already trained and ready to join the household with minimal effort on your part. You get to enjoy all the joys of a new puppy without most of the early hassles that often accompany these energetic bundles of joy.


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Joshua and Kelsey began a young romance sharing a love for dogs and Jane Austen novels. They put those two passions together and founded Pride and Prejudoodles.


Eric is head of our Customer Service team. He ensures our customer service maintains standards of excellence for a smooth adoption process.


Hannah is our faithful administrative assistant. She makes sure our schedules are in order and families receive updates on their precious puppies.


Alyssa is one of our Head Trainers. She uses her love for dogs and dedication to training to make sure our pups are successfully progressing in the program expectations.


Tressie is also one of our Head Trainers. She uses her extensive knowledge, skills, and background in dog training to help lead our team of professional trainers.


Check out What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Doodle Puppies for Sale!

Bella made our lives complete. She is sweet, and exceptionally smart – she knows 12 commands and not to mention she is potty trained & walks off leash ♥️ She is a dream puppy for anyone to have.

Alexander & Prathibha
When we brought the baby home we agreed we wouldn’t force them to engage with her, lay by her, etc. Since the moment they laid eyes on her they have been obsessed! I think one of the greatest gifts we gave our daughter is the love and friendship of these dogs.
Lukas & Erica K. (Doodle Parents to Dempsey & Belle)
Breaker is just the best dog- so loving, protective and cuddly. We loved him so much we had to have another. Rocky, his half brother, is a free spirit, loves his tennis balls and the sweetest dog we have ever met. These doods complete our family- we couldn’t imagine life without them.
Amber F.
Not sure what we did before the addition of our sweet boy, Waylon! He is our best friend, the best companion, and more than just a dog. We can’t wait to see how great of a big brother he will be to our twin baby girls expected to arrive soon!
Morgan T.
Bordeaux is like fine wine…he gets better with age! I love him more every day for his sweet yet playful personality – and everyone is always so impressed by how much of a good boy he is! He is my perfect companion.
Bree H.