How High Maintenance Are Doodles?

Doodle owners are some of the most enthusiastic pet parents in the world, and for good reason. All the doodles, from the mini goldendoodle to the standard labradoodle, are high-energy dogs with strong desires for bonding, exercising and playing. They’re endlessly affectionate and cuddly, often with a low-shedding curly coat.

With a poodle for a parent, it’s easy to imagine that these dogs have a high-strung personality and might be a high-maintenance breed. In this article, you’ll learn whether the perception of poodles as precious is a myth and find out more about doodle parent breeds’ temperaments. Plus, discover the definitive answer to are doodles high maintenance dog breed and some top tips for doodle care.

are doodles high maintenance

Are Doodles High Maintenance Dog Breeds?

What’s considered high maintenance to one person might not be to another, because there are many facets to what it means to be a high- or low-maintenance breed. If you’re worried about spending hours every week cleaning up dog hair, for instance, you’re in luck — doodles have non-shedding coats. However, that doesn’t mean your dog’s coat won’t need plenty of attention. Daily brushing and frequent trips to a professional groomer will be in the cards.

Compared to other dog breeds, doodles are excellent for first-time dog owners. Provided enough time is spent training them during the puppy stage, they’re easy to train, adapt quickly and have a high capacity for love and attention. While this makes them great family dogs, their high energy levels and love of socializing means they should never be left alone for long periods. These sweet, loving pets are prone to develop separation anxiety if their needs aren’t met.

Are goldendoodles high maintenance compared to labradoodles? The answer depends on who you ask. Some people say goldendoodles are more independent and have higher energy than labradoodles, while others say goldendoodles are calmer and less tenacious than labradoodles. When it comes to maintenance, most goldendoodles and labradoodles have similar needs. Just keep in mind that larger doodles generally require more exercise and playtime than a smaller doodle.

Parent Breed Comparison: Standard Poodle vs. Golden Retriever vs. Labrador Retriever

To understand a doodle, knowing a little about the parent breeds is helpful. The golden retriever, Labrador retriever and poodle each add their own unique characteristics to doodle personalities. Not all traits are inherited equally, which means there’s still plenty of variety when it comes to labradoodles and goldendoodles. Plus, of course, all dogs are individuals, so it’s impossible to generalize and say all doodles are high- or low-maintenance dogs.

Golden retrievers have a reputation for being a little calmer and less rambunctious than Labrador retrievers, which means they could be considered a high-maintenance breed to some. Despite preferring a calmer home life, golden retrievers can grow bigger than labs, and a bigger dog requires more exercise.

Are Poodles High Maintenance?

People typically imagine a poodle must be the most high-maintenance dog breed out there. It’s easy to think their froufrou hairstyles and haughty demeanor mean they’re not great for the unpredictable nature of family life. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Poodles were originally bred as working dogs, hunting ducks in the water. While they’re shy around strangers, they’re fun-loving and energetic at home. Both the small poodle and standard poodle have moderate energy levels, which means doodles can be slightly calmer than their Labrador or golden retriever parents, in some instances.

Is There Such a Thing as a Low-Maintenance Dog Breed?

Every dog requires exercise, love and attention. They’re super-intelligent and social animals that have evolved to love human company and would always prefer to be with their family rather than alone. Toy breeds (including doodles) tend to require the least exercise and mental stimulation.

Also, remember there’s no such thing as a low-maintenance puppy. Every puppy has extremely high energy and is yet to learn the behavior you expect from it.

Comparing Doodles to Other Dogs

Compared to other dogs, most dog parents wouldn’t consider doodles low maintenance. You certainly couldn’t leave them out in the yard or in an empty house alone for an extended time. They also require daily doses of playtime and exercise to keep their minds and bodies in good shape. Plus, neglecting their coat could lead to health issues such as ear infections. That doesn’t mean doodles have a bad reputation — it means they adore company and have beautiful coats that require frequent brushing.

To give you an idea of how rewarding welcoming a doodle into your home can be, just know that doodles are often selected to be therapy dogs. The amount of love and appreciation they give makes every effort worthwhile.

Low-Maintenance Dog Breed

Caring for Your Doodle Dog

Doodle dogs require plenty of care and attention. Once you get into regular grooming, exercise, playtime and social routines, caring for your beloved doodle will feel less like effort and more like pure joy.


Labradoodles and goldendoodles are high maintenance when it comes to caring for their fur. Without grooming, a goldendoodle’s coat can grow up to eight inches, and a labradoodle’s coat has a similar potential. Getting regular professional grooming can take some of the work off your hands — but they still need to be brushed regularly at home. Many groomers will also clip their nails so you don’t have to.

Physical Exercise

Aside from the high-maintenance aspects of labradoodle and goldendoodle coats, they need plenty of physical activity to stay happy and healthy. In addition to playing fetch, many owners provide puzzle toys, take their dogs man-trailing or set up obstacle courses to tire out their doodles and keep them calm and happy.

Doodles Are Social Dogs

Are goldendoodles one of the most loving and affectionate dog breeds? This is true. As long as they get to spend time with family members and other animals they’re familiar with, your doodle will be a happy dog.

Love and Affection

Doodles require plenty of quality time alongside time spent with people. They get very attached to their families and often need lots of love and cuddles to feel confident. In fact, the more loving and kind you are to your doodle as a puppy, the soppier and sweeter they’ll be as adult dogs.

Labradoodle and Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Goldendoodles are the perfect dog if you don’t mind regular brushing and plenty of time spent outdoors playing and indoors cuddling. If you’re looking for the lowest maintenance doodle breeds, a mini goldendoodle or labradoodle might be the best choice.

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