Here’s Why Goldendoodles Are Among the Smartest Breeds

There’s really nothing quite like goldendoodle dogs. Searching for videos of them on YouTube will show you exactly why they’re among the most popular breeds, chosen for their high intelligence and sociability. You can’t be around a goldendoodle without laughing at its playful demeanor. They really are a joy to be around and will go out of their way to make you smile.

are goldendoodles smart

Are Goldendoodles Smart?

Goldendoodles, which are also called groodles, are a hybrid crossbreed between the golden retriever and the poodle — both highly intelligent dog breeds. But that’s only one reason goldendoodle owners choose a golden retriever/poodle mix over other dogs. According to neuropsychologist Stanley Coren in his book The Intelligence of Dogs, the poodle is the second-smartest dog breed, while golden retrievers are the fourth. This makes the combination of the two breeds among the smartest crossbreeds recently imagined. As the old adage goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” The same is true when you choose a goldendoodle puppy as your companion.

So, are goldendoodles smart? Absolutely. If dog intelligence is a factor in your choice of breed, this gorgeous playful animal is the perfect pet for you.


Since Coren based his list of canine intelligence on the trainability of average dogs, having two purebred parents as a mixed-breed dog makes goldendoodles excellent candidates as a service dog, guide dog, therapy dog or companion dog. They’re gentle and affectionate and will go to any lengths to please their owners. According to the Goldendoodle Association of North America, goldendoodles are extremely social, outgoing and non-aggressive, which makes them easy to train and perfect companions. They combine the traits of the very clever poodle, which excels at obedience and problem-solving, with the golden retriever’s desire to please and protect its family. This makes goldendoodles more suited for service dogs than the average dog breed.

Goldendoodle dogs also pay close attention to what’s happening around them and have a unique gift for reading their owner’s cues and emotions. This is a trait shared by the smartest dog breeds and part of what makes them so attractive as a family pet. A dog’s ability to understand human emotions is one of the factors considered when experts determine overall canine intelligence. If you’re feeling out of sorts, you can expect your goldendoodle to put its cute, curly-haired head in your lap and look at you with sweet, understanding eyes to let you know it loves you and is ready to help however it can.


Part of the reason goldendoodles are so popular is based on their loving, easy-going and social temperament. When a goldendoodle becomes part of your family, you can be sure it’ll be right in the middle of the action, whatever’s going on. These dogs love being silly and putting a smile on your face, so you can expect a lot of playful expressions and funny maneuvers from your goldendoodle.

Since this crossbreed comes from two extremely loyal and family-friendly parent breeds, a goldendoodle will fit right in as a family dog if you have young children. Rarely aggressive, they love watching over babies and gently playing with children — especially if those games involve retrieving a ball or playing in water.


The benefits of owning a goldendoodle go beyond its intelligence, trainability and easy-going temperament. If you suffer from allergies, this is a great dog breed for you because they’re more hypoallergenic than most dogs and don’t shed nearly as much as other types. All that’s needed is a weekly brush and bath to keep their beautiful, curly coats soft and manageable.

Because of its social, outgoing nature, a goldendoodle will rarely show aggression toward other animals or people who share its space. They’re not particularly talkative and won’t bark a lot at activity happening outside the window or within the home. While this makes them ill-suited for being a guard dog, it’s a perfect trait if you enjoy walking your dog through parks or on nature trails where it’ll encounter other people and animals.

Becoming a Goldendoodle Owner

Becoming a Goldendoodle Owner

The first step to becoming a goldendoodle owner is to find a reputable breeder that can establish the parental lineage of the puppies they have. Meeting the parents will help you know the likely temperament your goldendoodle puppy will have, as well as how large it could grow to be.

Since a goldendoodle dog will display the physical traits of a standard, miniature or toy poodle combined with a golden retriever, meeting the parents will give you a good idea of which one’s genes were more dominant. Goldendoodles develop the personality traits of their parents as well, so buying from a reputable breeder will help you know exactly what you’re getting in a new puppy.

Here’s What to Expect

The first thing you’ll learn after becoming a goldendoodle owner is that they’re highly adaptable to your lifestyle, whether you live in the city or the country. In fact, they have an almost uncanny ability to love everything you love, which is part of what makes them such wonderful companions.

In the city, their high levels of social interaction and quiet nature make them perfect for apartment living. They’ll want to greet neighbors with tail wagging, ready to be petted and praised for their gorgeous and unique fur. They’re  perfect for meeting other dogs in dog parks or on city streets, as they’ll love all the action and being part of it with you.

In the country, they’ll be the first in line to take a quick swim, since they love water as much as their golden retriever parent. They’re also game for tumbling down a hill, playing tug-of-war with you or the kids or socializing happily with other animals around them.

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