Are Labradoodles Loyal Dogs?

are labradoodles loyal

The labradoodle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Labradoodle owners love their teddy bear cuteness, sociability, curly coat, sweet nature and status as a hypoallergenic dog. These high-energy dogs make great pets and love being part of the family, but are labradoodles loyal dogs? Read on to learn the answer as we explore the nature of parent breeds, look at dogs as a species, and loyalty — as well as discuss training and other positive traits that labradoodles tend to have.

Labrador Retriever: The Most Loyal Dog Breed?

While they might not win any awards for being a top guard dog, Labrador retrievers (and their cousin, the golden retriever) are considered to be some of the most loyal and sociable dogs around. Dog training is a fun game to them, and they adore nothing more than pleasing their owners. Good news if you want your own labradoodle: They’ve inherited all of the above from their parents.

Like any dog, early socialization and a happy, loving home are necessary factors for bringing out these desirable traits. With proper obedience training, plenty of exercise and tons of exercise, doodles make great family pets and all-around companion dogs. However, there’s another reason a labradoodle owner might consider their pet the most loyal of them all: the poodle parent.

Is the Standard Poodle Loyal?

Poodles, like retrievers, might not be the best guard dogs. However, they are absolutely some of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Also like retrievers, they’re a healthy breed with tons of enthusiasm, and they take great pride in pleasing their owners. Poodles are known to get very attached to their families and might be shy around strangers, but they’re never unfriendly or aggressive. The miniature poodle is as loyal and friendly as its larger counterparts, and the mini labradoodle follows suit.

With the combination of a poodle and a Labrador parent, it goes without saying that labradoodles are a loving, playful and active breed that’s extremely loyal.

Why Are Labradoodles Loyal?

It’s not just labradoodles, Labradors and poodles that are loyal. In fact, the vast majority of dogs tend to share this wonderful characteristic. Most experts agree that dogs’ nature as pack animals and our shared evolution are the main reasons why. Let’s look at both in more detail:

  • Dogs are pack animals. When living in the wild, dogs live in groups known as packs. They’re highly social animals that prefer to be with other dogs and depend on each other for survival. Without loyalty among the pack, every pack member has a lower chance of survival. It’s widely believed that dogs evolved loyalty for this reason, just as humans have evolved to depend on each other for survival.
  • Dogs and humans have lived together for 13,000 years. While the above explains why dogs are loyal to other dogs, it’s not enough to explain why they’re loyal to people. On the one hand, they see you and your family as their pack. On the other hand, 13,000 years of shared evolution means they have a deep, seemingly in-built understanding of our mood and facial expressions — and we understand them, too. Over time, dogs have come to trust humans and see us as their own.

If you’ve ever wondered why we call them “old faithful,” now you know. Dogs have an innate understanding that pack life is more practical and successful for everyone involved. Retrievers and poodles were both originally bred as working dogs,

Labradoodle are Loyal Dog Breed

Do You Need to Train a New Labradoodle Puppy to Be Loyal?

Provided you source your doodle from a reputable breeder and train it effectively as early as possible, you’re practically guaranteed a loyal lifelong companion. Most labradoodles have a gentle, sweet nature. As long as they don’t experience abuse, neglect or any other adverse conditions, they’ll happily grow into the characteristics associated with this particular breed.

Keep in mind that many labradoodles have a lot of energy, and require consistent training as a new puppy. Proper socialization, crate training and plenty of exercise channel your dog’s behavior in the right direction. The more patient, kind and consistent you are with commands and training, the more the dog will trust and respect your judgment — and the more loyal it’ll become.

If you or your family members don’t have enough time to dedicate to training, any responsible breeder will have a training program to enroll your puppy in.

More Top Doodle Traits Dog Owners Should Know

Doodles are so loyal that they’re often playfully referred to as Velcro dogs because they stick with you wherever you go. As the offspring of a Labrador retriever and poodle, a labradoodle is pretty much the ideal dog for family life. Whether you opt for one with a straight coat, a wavy coat or a curly coat, you can expect some or all of the following traits from this loving dog breed:

  • Excellent as therapy dogs and service dogs; they can also be trained as guide dogs
  • Healthy dogs with long life spans
  • Easy to train due to their intelligence and eagerness to please
  • An intelligent dog breed that’s great with children and other pets
  • Friendly, affectionate and loving — often with a wagging tail

While loyalty is a wonderful trait in dogs, you should be aware of the potential for separation anxiety. As much as these dogs love to be with you, you must make sure they’re confident and happy enough to withstand a few hours apart. That means giving them plenty of exercise, being calm when leaving and re-entering the home and providing a safe space in the home your dog can call its own.

Although they’re considered a healthy dog breed compared to many others, there are some minor health concerns common to the breed, such as:

  • Ear infections
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia

Labradoodle Puppies for Sale

Labradoodles are more loyal and loving than most breeds, so if you love dogs, you’ll adore doodles. At Pride and Prejudoodles, our doodles come with a health guarantee for your peace of mind. Get in touch today with any questions or check out the available labradoodle puppies for sale.

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