Do Cockapoos Like to Cuddle?

Do Cockapoos Like to Cuddle

When it comes to companion dogs, there aren’t many breeds with such an affectionate nature and wonderful temperament as the cockapoo. Spoiler alert: They like to cuddle. This smart family dog breed is as loving as it is intelligent and tends to bond particularly strongly with one favorite family member. That doesn’t mean they’re unfriendly to anyone else, though. Quite the opposite — provided they’re correctly socialized, cockapoos are great with small children, other dogs, humans and other pets (even cats!).

Do Cockapoos like to cuddle? Keep reading to find out more about these clever dogs, discover how to bond with them and learn how cockapoo owners can tell if their dog is happy.

About Cockapoos

A cockapoo is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, making it a highly energetic and intelligent breed. Poodles and cocker spaniels come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a lot of variation in cockapoos. Some are very tiny and others are mid-sized; some have curly coats and others have wavy or straight coats.

Some traits that most dogs with this lineage have in common include:

  • Like to cuddle
  • Love attention
  • Loyal
  • Friendly
  • Adorable
  • Huge amount of energy
  • Easy to train

Are Cockapoos Affectionate Dogs?

If it’s not clear by now, cockapoos love showing affection. They’re loyal and loving and make excellent therapy and companion dogs because they tend to form a strong bond with one person. While they enjoy getting very close to their favorite human, these cute puppies are highly prone to getting on well with anyone else they’re socialized to, from a young child to other animals.

That said, like any living being, they require plenty of socialization, encouragement, love and of course cuddles to form a spectacular bond with their pet owner that lasts their entire life.

cockapoo cuddle - young Girl hugging a cockapoo

Top Tips for Bonding With a Cockapoo Puppy

Cockapoos love clowning around and being adorable to get the responses these dogs love most from their humans — namely, lots of cuddling and plenty of opportunities to snuggle up. Nonetheless, joyful and expressive cockapoo puppies don’t raise themselves.

Follow these tips to raise an adult cockapoo that likes to cuddle just as much as you do.

Spend Quality Time With Your Cockapoo

The most important thing you can do for your cockapoo puppy is spend quality time showing you care by petting, cuddling and snuggling with your adorable companion. These affectionate dogs adore being the center of attention and love meeting new humans but tend to hone in on a single special friend they believe is the best at cuddling.

In a family where there are going to be multiple owners, it’s important to communicate about the favorite person phenomenon to avoid disappointment.

Don’t Be Shy of Baby Talk!

All cockapoos, but particularly puppies, love nothing more than being cooed over with lots of baby talk as well as cuddles. They respond wonderfully to the normal voices of their owners, but when you raise your pitch and speak with lots of excitement, you’ll notice a cockapoo responds with delight by wagging its tail and showering you with affection.

Make Lots of Eye Contact

If you’ve ever avoided eye contact with your pet because you’re worried they see it as a threat, you can stop now. While this is important advice when it comes to dogs you’re not familiar with, it’s not beneficial for your puppy.

Pet owners making lots of eye contact as they snuggle with their cockapoo can increase oxytocin and help secure an unbreakable bond for both of you.

Pamper Your Dog

Dog trainer playing with a cockapooYou probably don’t need to be told twice, since cockapoos are such loyal and affectionate companions, but pampering your dog with regular grooming sessions and lots of toys and treats is essential for encouraging a happy, balanced temperament. Cockapoos are highly intelligent animals, and they require plenty of stimulation to live their best life.

What’s more, animals take pride in their coats and feel best when they’re in peak condition. This doesn’t just mean a great diet and plenty of exercise but bathing, ear cleaning, combing and nail clipping as well.

Show Continual Love

While setting boundaries is essential, and we’ll address that later in this article, unconditional love is also crucial. No matter what you do, cockapoos see you as the center of their universe and love unconditionally. Talking to them, touching them and playing with them are ways to maintain trust when addressing unwanted behaviors.

Exercise Together

One of the best things about having a dog is that it can offset the sedentary professional life many of us lead. But exercise doesn’t only benefit you; it’s also one of the best ways to bond with your dog. Cockapoos’ parents, the poodle and cocker spaniel, are highly energetic dogs. As such, cockapoos require a lot of mental and physical stimulation to stay content and prepare them for long evenings of cuddling and snuggles.

Train Your Pet and Teach It Tricks

assistance dog partnerships for obedience training programOne of the best ways to exercise your dog is by training it. This also helps you set boundaries and provides the perfect opportunity to teach them how you expect them to behave. Obedience training, teaching tricks it can show off and working out doggy puzzles are just a few ways to mentally and physically stimulate a hybrid dog like cockapoo in one fell swoop.

Play With Toys Your Cockapoo Likes

Tricks and training are just one side of the coin. There are going to be times you have to leave your cockapoo alone for one reason or another. Plenty of practice and training can get your pup used to being alone. Providing them with plenty of toys that they love means they have something comforting and fun to do when you pop out.

Be Aware of Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that dogs seem to pick up on your emotions? This isn’t your imagination; these clever canines pay close attention to your facial expressions, tone of voice and even the words you use. Remember that you’re the center of your cockapoo’s world, and if you’re upset, it might think it’s done something wrong.

These affectionate pets want nothing more than to please you and might not behave well if they feel they can’t achieve this. As such, you should be careful to use an appropriate tone of voice and make the effort to be as effusive as possible to make the strongest bond with a cockapoo.

Invest in the Best Dog Food

While your dog won’t necessarily know or act any differently whether you get them cheap or premium food, it’s an investment in your long-term bond. Nutrition, exercise and love are the pillars of good health, and feeding the best dog food will stave off health problems and maximize your pet’s lifespan.

Cockapoos and Separation Anxiety

One concern with cockapoos is separation anxiety, although training and practice can almost entirely eradicate such behavior. The key is simple: Set boundaries. You’re dealing with one of the smartest dog breeds, and if you don’t make it clear that you’re the pack leader, they won’t feel secure.

Setting boundaries means making a clear distinction between cuddle time and, say, family dinner time. You should train your dog to be able to spend time alone to prevent it getting overly anxious and stressed when it can’t be close to you.

Make sure your lifestyle is perfectly matched to the demands of owning a smart dog like a cockapoo.

How to Tell If Your Cockapoo Is Happy

By following the above advice, you can bring up a happy, well-adjusted cockapoo that’s bonded to you just the right amount. To understand if your pet is happy, pay close attention to the following:

  • Eyes: Your dog should be comfortable gazing lovingly into your eyes, without much of the white part showing.
  • Tongue and mouth: A happy dog shows its emotion with a relaxed, slightly open mouth, often with a hint of tongue showing. Lips pulled back or a mouth clamped shut are signs something might be up.
  • Ears: Relaxed, floppy ears are common among happy cockapoos.
  • Posture: A happy cockapoo holds its head high and looks straight ahead. It might bow into a downward dog position or flop onto your lap, which are all good signs.
  • Tail: Of course, a firmly raised, wagging tail is a sign of a happy dog. A lowered tail or stiff, uneven wagging can be a sign something’s up, so always pay close attention to this expressive appendage.

Happy cockapoo running

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