Fun Games to Play With Your Goldendoodle

Most dogs love to play, but their mixture of intelligence and high energy mean this is especially true with goldendoodles. Keeping your dog entertained is about more than quashing boredom, however. For goldendoodle puppies, play is crucial for development, learning, exploring and learning how not to use those puppy teeth! But the fun shouldn’t end once your doodle reaches adulthood.

The more you play with your dog, the stronger your bond — and the healthier they’ll be. Keep reading to discover more benefits of dog toys, fun activities, games to play with Goldendoodle and an explanation of how playtime enhances life for both you and your dog’s mind and body. For most of them, all you need are some dog treats and toys and plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

games to play with goldendoodle

Keep Your Dog Physically and Mentally Stimulated With Puzzle Toys, Dog Tricks, Dog Games and Verbal Praise

Making efforts to keep your dog mentally stimulated often involves physical exercise, making it doubly beneficial to your doodle. These super-smart animals are a combination of two dog breeds that were once working animals. As such, despite their sweet and loving nature, they have a strong drive for action. Puppies require the most playtime as they develop, but exercise and play should be prioritized throughout their entire life.

Goldendoodles Activities for Teething

Your dog’s teeth are a potentially fierce weapon, so it’s vital that you teach a pup not to hurt anyone with them. The earlier you show them, and the gentler and kinder you are about it, the more effective your efforts will be.

Textured Toys

The best way to teach goldendoodle puppies not to bite is by using redirection. That means having a wide range of toys with different textures and redirecting the behavior to the toy whenever they bite you. If they bite hard, never punish them or shout — this actually reinforces bad behavior. Instead, yelp loudly and make your pain apparent, then redirect to a toy. Calmly but firmly say “no” and follow up by teaching them a verbal command such as “gentle” or “kind.”

Touch Training

For a dog, sit and stay are usually the first commands it learns. Next, consider teaching them to permit being touched without biting. Do this by rewarding your canine companion with a treat each time they sniff your hand without biting.

Puzzle Games

If your puppy is biting a lot and it’s a problem, take stock of their environment. Are they bored? In most cases, unwanted behavior stems from boredom or insecurity. Make sure they have plenty of toys and puzzles to keep them entertained when you’re busy, and seek help from a trainer if the issue persists.

Best Games to Play Outdoors

For your doodle, being outside is like being at an adventure playground. All the different sights, sounds, smells and feelings naturally keep your dog happy. Be sure to get outside with them each day, and aim to provide a varied range of experiences so they never get bored.

Dog Park

A dog-friendly park is a wonderful place for doodles to learn socialization and good behavior. Take them as soon as they’ve had their vaccinations to get them used to being around other dogs.


While a tennis ball is awesome for a game of fetch, a Frisbee (specifically one made for dogs) is even better because it slows before it reaches the ground, encouraging your doodle to catch it midair. The result is a more challenging game of fetch than tennis balls can provide.

Obstacle Course

Having an agility course in your backyard provides a fantastically fun game for doodles. Use simple materials like PVC pipe, garden hose or rope to construct homemade obstacles or invest in agility equipment from the pet store. We guarantee you’ll enjoy watching your doodle progress and learn to master the course.

Indoor Dog Games Goldendoodles Love

Some goldendoodle owners neglect to play with their dog indoors. Walking and getting outside isn’t the only time you should give your dog structured, supervised playtime. Aim to spend time playing indoors to maximize their quality of life and avoid health and behavioral problems.


Training should be an ongoing, essential part of you and your doodle’s lives together. Teaching your dog a new trick every couple of weeks helps it stay sharp and agile mentally and physically.

Hide and Seek, Hide and Treat or Hide and Squeak

Your dog’s nose is its most powerful tool — and few things make a goldendoodle happier than a treasure hunt. The treasure can be you, a squeaky toy or small treats. Have someone distract your goldendoodle while you hide the goodies and then let it hunt them down. Offer lots of praise and encouragement when it finds something.

Circle Time

Circle time is a great way to reinforce your doodle’s confidence and strengthen family bonds. Have a group of loved ones stand in a circle around the dog and have one member call it. When it comes, reward the dog with lots of love and praise.

Environmental Enrichment

Giving your dog choices is an excellent way to promote independence and keep it happy and fulfilled. For example, leaving choosing toys up to your doodle gives it a sense of control over its environment.

indoor games to play with goldendoodle

What’s a Doodle’s Favorite Outdoor or Indoor Dog Game?

The clue to which game goldendoodles tend to love most is in the name of one of its parents: the golden retriever. You guessed it — playing fetch. However, adding other games and activities is essential to prevent the novelty of fetch from wearing off.

Benefits of Physically and Mentally Stimulating Dog Games for a New Goldendoodle Puppy, Adult Dogs and Dog Owners

When you play with your dog, the resulting mental stimulation and physical stimulation boosts health and happiness — not just for your dog but for you, too. Benefits include:

  • Enhances quality of life
  • Reduces risk of disease
  • Increases life span
  • Relieves stress
  • Strengthens pet-parent bond
  • Reduces problem behaviors
  • Encourages social interactions

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