Goldendoodle Size Comparison

Goldendoodles are well-known for their curly coats and friendly personalities. This is an ideal breed for dog lovers who want size options when choosing their doodle companion. Picking the right-sized goldendoodle depends on various factors, including physical space in your home and the amount of free time you have to spend with your new puppy. As is the case with any dog breed, it’s best to do some research to ensure a match with your lifestyle.

A comprehensive goldendoodle size comparison can help with decision-making. Knowing more about the three doodle sizes can offer a perspective on what to expect from each category.

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What Is a Goldendoodle?

A goldendoodle is a poodle and golden retriever crossbreed that gained prominence in the 1990s. As many doodles do well in homes with small children, it’s since become a family favorite for those seeking a mild-tempered dog. Goldendoodles owe this part of their personality to their golden retriever lineage. Doodles also make ideal service and therapy dogs. Minimal shedding and a willingness to give tons of cuddles are additional reasons to become a doodle lover.

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and love learning new tricks to exercise their minds. They also love to swim and are highly proficient at it. Active individuals and families make suitable matches with dog breeds like this one. Goldendoodles can be found in many colors and sizes.

Traits of the Three Goldendoodle Sizes

Goldendoodles are found in three sizes: miniature, medium and standard. Each size category is measured at the point of a doodle’s full maturation. An accurate goldendoodle size comparison should consider height, weight and personality traits associated with each size.

Mini Goldendoodles

A mini goldendoodle measures 17 inches or less and typically weighs between 25 and 35 pounds. Mini goldendoodles are popular among dog owners who travel often and require a pet that’s easy to take along. A mini goldendoodle size is also ideal for smaller living spaces.

Mini goldendoodles are the quirkier representations of this breed. They tend to have personalities that far outweigh their actual size, with almost human-like traits regarding likes and dislikes.

Medium Doodles

Medium goldendoodles measure between 17 and 21 inches and typically weigh between 35 and 50 pounds. The medium goldendoodle is an optimal size for a working or family dog. While the mini goldendoodle is a good travel partner, so is the medium-sized goldendoodle. One of the reasons medium goldendoodles travel so well is that they have an adequate center of gravity. As such, they enjoy long car rides more than mini goldendoodles.

Medium goldendoodles are easy to walk on a leash, enjoy playing outdoors and can still fit pretty easily in a smaller living space. While they weigh more than a mini goldendoodle, it’s still reasonably easy to pick up a medium goldendoodle if need be. This means owners looking for lap love from their doodle can still get it with this larger-sized dog.

Standard Doodles

The standard doodle size is anything over 21 inches weighing 51 pounds or more. There’s typically not much of a weight difference between male and female doodles, though this depends on the weight and height of the specific parents. The standard doodle is the most laid-back of the three sizes and may be more content with long naps after bouts of play. However, the larger size means they may be more prone to accidents indoors (e.g., an excited wag of the tail may result in a glass flying off a coffee table).

Comparing Doodle Sizes

A mini goldendoodle is perfect for dog owners living in small spaces, such as condos or apartments. Standard goldendoodles may need more space to roam inside and out, making them perfect-sized pups for people with more spacious homes and plenty of outdoor acreage. A medium goldendoodle is an optimal choice for someone looking for a dog larger than the mini goldendoodle size but still able to adapt to a smaller space than a standard goldendoodle. Since the medium goldendoodle size is standard among breeders, they’re more cost-effective than their mini goldendoodle counterparts.

Mini goldendoodles don’t have the stamina of their larger counterparts. This means they rely on more frequent bursts of activity throughout the day. Mini goldendoodles exhibit more of the energy common in the poodle portion of their lineage.

The tall stature of the standard goldendoodle size — coming in 22 inches tall — is a good match for someone who wants the appearance of a larger dog with the sweet temperament of a goldendoodle. While standard goldendoodles won’t do much to actually provide security (they love anyone who’ll give them attention), their size and bark may be enough to scare off sinister characters. The standard goldendoodle is also a good choice for someone who enjoys spending time outdoors exercising and wants a dog that can accompany them. It’s much easier for standard and medium goldendoodles to go on runs, take swims, or engage in other forms of outdoor exercise than mini goldendoodles.

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Choosing the Right Size Goldendoodle

Choosing the right doodle size for your family comes down to personal preference, space and time. The larger your doodle, the more area you’ll need for their doodle den. Everything from time outside to children to choosing a vet must go into the decision to opt for one doodle size over another.

Plenty of Outdoor Time Is a Must for Medium and Standard Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are notoriously active, which means a walk or two each day won’t do the trick when it comes to daily activity. Plan for at least 30 minutes outside each day playing with toys and romping around together. A general rule of thumb is that the larger your Doodle, the more energy they’ll have to expend and the longer their playtime stretches will need to be.

If you’re away from home a lot and know you won’t have much time for after-work play, consider what time you have to spend with your dog before choosing a doodle size.

Standard and Medium Doodles Are Typically Better With Children Than Miniature Goldendoodles

A standard or medium goldendoodle may be better with children than the mini goldendoodle. In fact, miniature goldendoodles may feel overwhelmed by the excitement of small children, who may handle them more roughly than adults. Moreover, since standard-sized goldendoodles are so lovable, small children may find it easier to snuggle with this bigger doodle than a more petite, sassier mini goldendoodle.

Mini Goldendoodles Adapt to Smaller Indoor Spaces Better

While your doodle is likely to adapt to any inside space, keep in mind that a standard goldendoodle simply might not have enough room to stretch out comfortably in a smaller apartment.

Even if you plan to spend a great deal of your time together outside, it still needs to be able to call a small corner of your home its own. As such, apartment living might represent a challenge for a standard goldendoodle.

All Doodle Sizes Offer Lots of Love

Doodles are also highly social and lovable pups that are constantly seeking the adoration and approval of their owners. If you’re apprehensive about a bigger dog seeking lap love or soaking you with wet kisses, consider the smaller version of the breed.

Prepare for Your New Doodle by Size

Once you choose your ideal-size doodle, prepare accordingly for the products you decide to purchase to welcome a new pup to its forever home. For instance, the crate you buy will depend on your chosen doodle and the size it’ll eventually grow to. Keep in mind that your dog crate should allow plenty of room for your pup to stand up, stretch its paws and move around comfortably. This is critical if you plan to use the crate for more than just sleeping at night. Therefore, if you’ve chosen a standard goldendoodle, you’ll need a crate structured for a larger dog. You may need to purchase more pillows and bedding for the larger crate.

A standard goldendoodle will require a bigger leash and collar or perhaps even a harness, which can be more expensive than the leash and collar necessary for the smaller version of this breed. Food and treats will likely be more costly than any other product you may opt to get. Dog products are typically sold according to size, so the variation between the standard goldendoodle and the miniature size may mean a higher out-of-pocket cost than anticipated.

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Veterinarian Costs May Vary by Size

Veterinarian and grooming costs may also differ according to your pup’s size. For example, some vets charge more for services rendered to larger dogs. Vet expertise may also vary depending on the size of your goldendoodle.

For instance, mini goldendoodles may require different levels of pet medical advice than standard-sized goldendoodles because size variances manifest in different physiological proportions, so this is something to keep in mind when choosing a vet.

As with all dog breeds, potential health issues and proper preventive care come down to both breed and size. Therefore, a vet specializing in your chosen doodle size will likely provide optimal care for your new goldendoodle companion.

Choose a Good Goldendoodle Groomer

Grooming is particularly imperative for goldendoodles with the tightly wound curls they’re so well known for. Goldendoodles with looser curls or none at all still need to be groomed routinely but less frequently than those with tighter curls. Daily brushing is also necessary to maintain a healthy coat.

While it’s possible to groom your goldendoodle at home, it’s not recommended because of the care necessary to ensure healthy goldendoodle skin. This is the case even if you have a mini goldendoodle that’s easier to handle than a medium or standard goldendoodle. Find a groomer specializing in goldendoodles, especially in the size you have chosen.

Training Considerations Based on Goldendoodle Size

Training costs may also be a factor based on the size of your chosen doodle. Large dogs sometimes require more intensive training to teach them how to avoid damage to the interior of your home. This means your goldendoodle might need longer training sessions than smaller-sized pups that may navigate indoor spaces easier. All goldendoodle sizes may require potty and behavior training when you first bring them home. This makes for a more effortless adjustment for you and helps them in terms of setting and understanding expectations.

Conversely, mini goldendoodles tend to be sassier than medium-sized Goldendoodles, which is a common trait in smaller dogs. The miniature goldendoodle might require a more stringent training protocol to get it to behave appropriately than a more amenable standard goldendoodle.

Do Your Goldendoodle Research Before Deciding on a Size

The best way to choose the goldendoodle puppy size that works best for your lifestyle is to do your research before settling on a furry friend. This is especially critical if you’ve never owned a goldendoodle and are unsure exactly what to expect. In addition to living space and time considerations, socialization is a factor to consider when choosing a doodle size, whether it’s a miniature goldendoodle or one of the larger versions of the breed.

Goldendoodles love playtime with other dogs and people. Therefore, especially if you choose a standard goldendoodle size, make sure you have some ideas for socialization. For instance, standard goldendoodles may benefit from proximity to a dog park to get exercise and socialization. Doodles of all sizes may enjoy doggie daycare, which is a good option for doodle owners who are away from home a lot for work.

Carefully consider this kind of information before settling on a doodle size. This ensures you’re fully prepared for everything required to properly care for a goldendoodle, no matter which size option you choose.

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