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So you're adopting a puppy? That's exciting!

MAAD Adoption Form
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Are you wanting your puppy delivered or will you be picking him/her up from our home?
We offer free hand-delivery within our radius (NC, VA, DC, MD), as long as you're able to work with our assigned delivery date. **PLEASE NOTE: Adoptions finalized within Virginia are subject to 5.3% Virginia sales tax.
Do you have any dog allergies?
Are you aware that all Much Ado About Doodles puppies are adopted as PET ONLY and are not sold with rights to breed?
**Please note that violating this policy can result in a $40,000 to $80,000 fine, plus applicable court fees.
Please describe your comfort level in bringing home a puppy:
How did you first find us?
All Much Ado About Doodles puppies are sent home with 30 Days of FREE Health Insurance Coverage. No financial information is exchanged, nor are you obligated to continue coverage, but legally we must have your permission before enrolling a dog under your name.
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I intend to have this dog trained by Pride & Prejudoodles.
I understand that my deposit is ONLY refundable in the case of poor veterinary review of my puppy. If personal reasons prevent me from taking my puppy home, my deposit will be transferable to another litter or puppy, but not refunded.
Your puppy is not reserved for you until your deposit has been paid.

The deposit amount is $808 USD