Non-Shedding Guarantee

Our Non-Shedding Guarantee

Pride & Prejudoodles assures you of healthy, non-shedding puppies thanks to our in-house canine genetics expertise. Achieving the right coat traits, body structure, health, and temperament in a new dog breed can be complex, but our guarantee stems from our expertise in coat testing.

It’s important to note that no breeder can promise a non-shedding, hypoallergenic puppy solely based on generation or parentage. Even non-shedding parents may carry recessive shedding genes. The only foolproof way is to choose a breeder who conducts coat testing – that’s our commitment at Pride & Prejudoodles.

Our definition of ‘non-shedding’ means minimal hair loss during brushing, with no excessive shedding on your clothes or furniture. In an F1b litter, where a low-shedding F1 mom is bred to a non-shedding Poodle, 50% of the puppies should be non-shedding, inheriting the positive gene from the Poodle, and 50% low-shedding, inheriting one positive and one negative gene.

F2 and F2b litters have varying shedding probabilities. An F2 has a 25% chance of being non-shedding, 50% low-shedding, and 25% regular shedding, depending on the gene combinations from the F1 parents. F2b, a mix of F2 and Poodle, guarantees at least one positive gene but shedding depends on the F2 parent’s genotype.

While any generation with a ‘b’ has the potential for lower shedding, only a genetically tested F1b, known to be positive/positive, bred with a Poodle or other known positive/positive, ensures a 100% non-shedding litter. Coat testing is crucial in this process.

Multigenerational Doodles, resulting from Doodle-to-Doodle breeding, are considered such only if coat testing is done correctly. Without proper testing, even Multigenerational puppies can shed if two recessive negatives match up.

Coat testing and health testing are expensive but crucial, typically included in the puppy’s price. Beware of breeders offering lower prices, as they likely skip these tests. We hope this clarifies the shedding aspect of Goldendoodles and Labradoodles for you.

All puppies currently offered by Pride and Prejudoodles are non-shedding using one of the proven techniques in our arsenal. 

The deposit amount is $808 USD