Choosing Dog Boots for Cold Weather

Choosing dog boots - goldendoodle with dogs boots lying on the grassWhen winter arrives, it may be tempting to shield your dog from the cold by keeping it indoors. However, there’s no reason you and your pet can’t enjoy fresh air, walks and outdoor games — you just need to dress it properly first. In addition to a doggy jacket, it’s a good idea to invest in boots to protect your dog’s paws. Choosing dog boots for winter is then important. Let’s go over some of its advantages and how you can pick the best dog boots for winter.

Why Are Dog Boots Important?

Are you on the fence about buying winter dog boots? Here are a few reasons they’re a worthy investment.

Paw Protection

The biggest incentive for getting dog boots is protecting your dog’s feet. During winter, the cold pavement and frost can hurt dog paws and even cause health problems, such as frostbite. Not only do dog boots minimize discomfort, but they also come in handy in the summer when the sidewalks are burning hot.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Dog boots do more than protect against the cold — they also reduce the risk of injury by providing an extra layer of security against the ground. They can keep your pup’s paws safe from rocky terrain, deicing chemicals and anything else that would otherwise cause damage.

Fewer Cleanups

If your dog has ever tracked snow, mud or dirt into the house, you’re not alone. You can prevent messes by putting boots on your dog before going out. Most dog boots can be washed with soap and water, saving you the effort of wiping down your house. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about your dog licking dirty paws.

Enhanced Comfort

While the main purpose of dog shoes is protection, they can also provide extra comfort (especially during long walks). Boots are also useful for senior dogs who may need extra cushioning for their aging paws and legs.

Stylish Appearance

Dog boots aren’t just functional — they also look cool. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs, from bright blue with polka dots to dark green stripes. If you have doggy coats or sweaters, it can be fun to find boots that match the clothes.

How Do I Choose the Right Dog Boots?

Not all dog shoes are created equal — some do more to protect your pet than others. When choosing dog boots, look for the following factors.

Water-Resistant Properties

If you’re going to walk your dog in snowy conditions, it’s essential its dog boots are waterproof. The last thing you want is for your dog to have uncomfortable, soaking wet paws. Water-resistant boots also dry quickly and are more resistant to odors.

Strong Grip

Ideally, your dog boots should have a strong grip to help prevent your pet from slipping. Look for boots that have textured soles — if the bottom is smooth, it’ll be difficult for your dog to walk. Not only do strong grips protect against ice, but they’re also useful for slippery hardwood floors.


Your dog should be able to fit comfortably in each dog boot. To ensure a good fit, pick boots that can be adjusted (such as boots with a Velcro strap). Many boots also offer different sizing options, so measure your dog’s paws first.

sample dog boots for cold weather

Finding the Best Dog Boots for Cold Weather

Now that you know the advantages of dog boots, it’s time to select a pair for your pet. Here are some of the best dog boots for winter weather.

Most Versatile Dog Boots: Pawz Rubber Dog Boots

Pawz Rubber Dog Boots offer year-round protection in the form of colorful rubber dog shoes. In addition to protecting against the cold, they keep paws safe from hot pavement, chemicals and rocky roads. They’re available in seven different sizes and come in both disposable and reusable varieties. The disposable shoes are designed to protect against harmful bacteria and can be conveniently thrown out after a single use. Meanwhile, the reusable waterproof boots protect against snow and are easy to clean.

Most Durable Dog Boots: Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

If you’re looking for high-quality, long-lasting dog boots that can withstand the elements, Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots fit the bill. Made of water-resistant polyester, the soles of these shoes are wrapped in tough PVC. Each boot comes with an adjustable strap, letting dog owners match the unique size of their pet’s paws. In addition to the regular model, the company offers Rugged Dog Boots specifically meant for abrasive terrain.

Best Budget Dog Boots: Lemetow Dog Shoes

Lemetow Dog Shoes are affordable compared to many other dog boots but don’t compromise when it comes to quality. The nonslip textured soles provide stability on icy pavements, while the attached straps make it easy to put on and remove the boots. Each boot is lined with soft cashmere, which provides support and cushions your dog’s paws. Along with a reasonable price and special amenities, there are plenty of style and size options. Choose from a variety of colors, from lime green to deep red.

Most Comfortable Dog Boots: Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots were designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. They use a flexible lug design that adapts to the unique size requirements of every individual paw — as you place the shoe on your dog’s foot, it will expand to a comfortable fit. Then, you can use the attached fasteners to tighten as needed. Along with a comfy interior, the shoes offer reflective materials to ensure visibility, waterproof technology to protect against snow and grooved rubber soles to provide traction.

Most Stylish Dog Boots: YOULY The Nature Lover Dog Boots

With these YOULY The Nature Lover dog boots, your puppy is bound to be the most fashionable canine on the block. Designed to resemble actual rain boots, they’re comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not only do they look good, but they also protect your dog’s paw pads from ice and snow. Each boot comes with a textured rubber sole that minimizes slipping and sliding. Enjoy the boots by themselves, or pair them with YOULY the Nature Lover’s matching raincoat or hat.

Most Athletic Dog Boots: Grip Trex Dog Boots

If you take your dog on hikes, bikes and runs, you’ll want shoes that can support its activity levels. Grip Trex dog boots are designed for the athletic dog that’s constantly exploring the great outdoors. Made of breathable mesh, they’re lightweight and comfortable without compromising on durability or grip strength. Whether it’s steaming hot or icy cold, you can trust these boots to protect against the elements (and look good while doing so).

Safest Dog Boots: QUMY Dog Boots

While these boots are on the pricier side, they make up for it by incorporating a lot of amenities. QUMY dog boots include a strong, waterproof exterior, textured slip-proof soles and flexible, adjustable straps. Each strap comes with reflective properties to keep dogs safe during nighttime walks. Not only are these boots functional, but they’re also stylish. You can choose a sleek black design, a bright pink finish or even a decorative leopard pattern.

What If My Dog Doesn’t Like Boots?

So, you’ve spent time researching the perfect dog boots and finally found a pair you like. Ideally, your dog will love the shoes and be more than happy to show them off outside. However, what happens if your dog doesn’t like them? If your dog isn’t used to wearing boots, it may react negatively. Some dogs will be visibly uncomfortable, while others will simply refuse to walk in boots. Fortunately, you can usually overcome this obstacle by trying the following:

  • Give your dog time to get used to the boots
  • Have it practice wearing them around the house
  • Offer treats whenever your dog wears boots

Although there are alternatives to dog boots (such as paw wax and socks), they don’t offer as much protection as traditional boots. Thus, you should try to train your dog to wear shoes if possible. The earlier you start the training process, the more receptive it’ll be.

Training Your Dog To Wear Shoes

Dogs usually prioritize their own comfort over health and well-being. If they don’t like dog boots, they may refuse to wear them — even if it means damaging their own paws. Thus, as a dog owner, it’s up to you to do what’s best for your pet. Training is a great way to teach your dog to trust your commands. If you need high-quality training for your doodle dog, the Pride & Prejudoodles team is here to help.

We offer training programs for both puppies and adult dogs. Our team consists of dedicated trainers who love dogs and can adapt to their unique needs. As the program advances, we’ll keep you up to date on how your dog is doing. Our ultimate goal is to help families have happy, healthy relationships with their pets. Contact us today to learn more!

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