The Truth Behind Genetic Testing & Your Doodle

If you are in the market for a hypoallergenic Doodle you know that getting accurate information so that you can make an informed decision about buying a new doodle is tough. There is a lot of conflicting information out there!

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Genetic dog testing has become extremely popular among breeders and owners seeking specific traits or health information for their dogs. With the promise of uncovering valuable insights into a dog’s genetic makeup, these tests offer the potential to predict characteristics such as shedding tendencies, coat types, and even potential health issues. However, it is essential to understand genetic testing and how different breeders approach this process.

Understanding Genetic Testing

Genetic testing for dogs involves analyzing their DNA to identify specific genes and variations associated with certain traits or conditions. These tests typically rely on a combination of pedigree analysis and advanced molecular techniques to provide insights into the dog’s genetic profile.

Shedding, Hypoallergenic Traits & Coat Testing

One of the primary reasons individuals turn to genetic testing is to assess shedding tendencies and hypoallergenic traits in dogs. While certain breeds are known to shed less or produce fewer allergens, achieving a completely hypoallergenic dog is challenging. The only way to guarantee a non-shedding puppy is with a breeder who coat tests over multiple generations (This is our Pride & Prejudoodles guarantee).

All mammals, including humans, lose their hair to a certain extent, whether that is from brushing, combing, or tugging. Non-shedding means that your animal will not lose hair beyond this process and all of our rigorously tested P&P doodles have this trait. Breeder expertise is critical in this process and inexperienced breeders who are not diligent will produce substandard results.

Genetic testing can provide valuable information on the presence or absence of specific genes related to shedding.

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Breeder Responsibility 

While genetic testing can be a useful tool, it is crucial for breeders to approach it responsibly. Reputable breeders will consider genetic testing as part of a comprehensive breeding program that also includes health testing, temperament assessment, and proper care and socialization of the dogs. 

They will prioritize the well-being and integrity of their breeding stock, ensuring they are not solely relying on genetic testing but also employing ethical breeding practices.

Genetic dog testing can provide valuable insights into a dog’s genetic makeup and help predict certain traits or conditions. Responsible and reputable breeders will extensively test and are experienced in the art of expressing certain characteristics in your Doodle.

Learn more about our non-shedding guarantee and a deeper dive into how our genetic testing works.

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